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    Every Scouts Best Friend

    True about Microsoft and PC's, however they have yet to release Halo 3 and ODST for PC. Not really sure if they plan on it at all. Back on topic, that Spartan Laser looks amazing. I may have missed it but is this going with MJOLIR or ODST armor?
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    Location Shout Outs: Unity

    Forum name: necromancer518 Name: Jesse Macko City: Queens, New York Skills: Pepakura, Painting, Sound Engineering, Some Photoshop. Status: Somewhere in between rookie and vet (novice?)
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    Something tells me you should read all the stickies.
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    Fanime 2010 Masquerade!

    My friends and I are doing the same for NY Comic Con. If its a success we'll probably be hitting up other cons as well. -Nec
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    Problem With Printers..

    I'm not sure if this works on macs (I've only got a pc) but you can print it directly to a PDF. Open pepakura (viewer or designer) go to file -> print. In the dropdown box labeled name: switch from whatever your printer is to "Adobe PDF" it should convert the .pdo to a .pdf and saves it to the...
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    Noob Squad Wip Log

    So in an attempt to achieve the stretch goal of getting everything done for Halloween I've surrendered my next 2 weekends to the project. Also we may only be making 2 suits for that deadline. As it stand the schedule is this weekend: bang out the rest of the pepwork for both suits, next weekend...
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    Noob Squad Wip Log

    Asketh and ye shall Recieve...eth. [attachment=12774:ODST 002.jpg] [attachment=12776:ODST 005.jpg] [attachment=12775:ODST 004.jpg] [attachment=12777:ODST 006.jpg] [attachment=12773:ODST 003.jpg] Progress so far. I could really use the help of my minions to make this process faster and...
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    Noob Squad Wip Log

    Thats pretty awesome, you should find someone to make the Brotherhood of Steel power armor.
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    Noob Squad Wip Log

    I didnt really have any plans for the grenade when I was making it, more of a situation where I wanted to do something small that I could finish for the sense of accomplishment (the helmet was taking too long and ended up being too small.) Other than that I was probably just going to throw it ad...
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    Noob Squad Wip Log

    Pics or it didnt happen they say... well here you go: Not the best picture (blind pictures are difficult) the helmet is just big enough to get over my head, but its very uncomfortable. and last but not least, my little brother was generous enough to model the mostly finished...
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    Noob Squad Wip Log

    Quick note: anything negative said about daeth is said in good fun and with love. He's my buddy and while he can have the occasional colossal blunder, and has a penchant for driving me up a wall sometimes, he's a great guy and without his direction, research, and guidance I wouldn't have found...
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    Odst Visor With Hud?

    Its an interesting idea but I cant imagine it being very useful/comfortable. It seems like it would end up being a distraction, and its taking up what little viewing space you do have. I could imagine doing it for extra points and realism if it was just a prop, but wearing it seems like it could...
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    Odst Amour

    Harding29, you posted the wrong link to your 4shared page unfortunately. is the link to your interface, sending people there only prompts them to login and look at their own 4shared page. What you need to do is post the "Current folder sharing link"...
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    Noob Squad Wip Log

    Hey guys, Nec here finally starting my WiP thread/chronicle of bad decisions and insanity. Let me start at the beginning; my friends and I went to NYAF (New York Anime Fest) at the end of last month. We sat through a particularly terrible masquerade (if anyone was there I was one of the loud and...
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    New Guy Here Working On An O.d.s.t. Rookie Helm

    That looks great for working sans xacto, very clean. What are you using instead of the xacto?