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    MID v. PAC - Battle 2020

    Wake me, when you need me. On xbox that is. Xb Gt : negativecacti
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    Do-Dah Parade Info and Roll Call: August 15th, 2020.

    I am not sure if I'll be able to make it, it falls on my wifes' birthday
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    State "Forward Observers"

    Youmacon is still planned the dates are Oct 29 - Nov 1st. Granted things get better.
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    Roll Call!

    Bootstrap55 welcome to the wonderful Midwest, and like the name my DS called me that in BCT
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    Introduce Yourself

    Its amazing seeing how fast the 405th had grown in the few years I've been apart of it. Its quite nice
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    Roll Call!

    crimsonchappy its nice to see more people from Michigan, I'm in the bay city area
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    OhayoCon - Columbus Ohio - 1/10/20 to 1/12/20

    I might find myself there not sure yet
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    Roll Call!

    Midwest Regiment this is the fourm for us
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    Roll Call!

    With the first one, hit the little picture icon and you can add from there for 1 picture and for the second one is attach files for multiple pictures
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    Roll Call!

    Hey Alma isnt too far from me, I live in bay city
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    Halo Outpost Discovery: Chicago

    Update: figures it put and fourn sent to fangs
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    Halo Outpost Discovery: Chicago

    Where can I find it?
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    Halo Outpost Discovery: Chicago

    If it is too much trouble dont worry about it, it has completely slipped my mind and I saw your post today and thought **** I forgot to do that. If there is any help need just toss me anywhere I dont care where I end up
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    Halo Outpost Discovery: Chicago

    Is it too late to volunteer for a pass?
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    HOD Chicago 405th Dinner 2019

    I'm totally fine with the german place