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    First Foam Build

    Amazing project, unbelievable and really confidence-building. I'm planning to start a Destiny build this week, and this just convinced me to go the foam route. I have a couple of questions though. What are you using for those thinner layers of foam? Also, what tools are you using to...
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    Armour Status Picture

    Why doesn't someone just take their own figurine and take a picture from the perfect angle to get as many of the armor parts as you need in the picture? Then whoever makes the armor progress thing can just make a vector of the toy marine? No rights violated, way easier, and it'll get you...
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    Possible Easily Obtainabel Source For Eva Visor

    That pic with the 2 "Amazing" helmets... The black/gold one just looks like a black motorcycle helmet with gold acrylic paint on the bottom jawline. Are those supposed to be examples of his "Amazing" helmets?
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    What kind of car do you drive?

    I've got to agree; Ferrari are very ugly. And just for the record, I drive a Prius. Sucks to have like 60mpg. I never get to stop at gas stations anymore. Oh well, sacrifices must be made...
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    Graphic Artist Wanted - Need A Halo 3 Hud...

    My wife is a graphic designer and could probably whip this up in less than 5 minutes on (Adobe) Illustrator so you can have vectors of everything in case someone else wants to use them. When I talk to her tomorrow I'll see what she can do. P.S. Only problem is that she's been really busy...
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    Armor For My Dog

    Military working dogs wear goggle over in Iraq to protect their eyes from sand, that might be an idea. Just google images of military working dogs for some ideas. They also wear body armor. On another note, what is that dog in the 2nd picture going to do with the rounds strapped to its left...
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    How did you find us?

    Searched youtube on making ODST armor, eventually led to here.
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    Why The H2 Odst?

    50:50? As in half done? Is it the same one used for Spartan ODST helmets then?
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    Why The H2 Odst?

    I guess what I was getting at was completely lost when I typed that. There's not alot of references for H3 ODSTs (H3-O, because Im sick of typing all that out) and everyones thread about ODSTs is "My H2-O". Plus, the pep wiki only has H2-O's. I did manage to find the WETA files though. Link...
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    Why The H2 Odst?

    How come everyone is making H2 ODST armor and almost nobody is working on the H3 version. Personally I like the H3 ODST body suits alot more. They just look more fitting with their role as "shock troopers" while the H2 varient looks more like a life guard.