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    Mass Effect Costuming

    I made a simple little pistol thats easily by Pep but designed to be layered with cardboard to be made more complicated. I can upload the Pep file if you are interested. P.S. I made the pistol with only 2 reference pics so there is quite a bit of guesses work involved with it and if you can...
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    My Pep Creations

    I think i will just let much smarter and more skilled people do the work... huh now i just sound really lazy.
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    My Pep Creations

    Is there any chance you could also share the marine files?
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    "Run Awaaaay!!"

    That is a beautifully done grunt suit, actually i think its the only grunt suit.
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    Step by Step Helmet?

    The password is only used to save or small things like that you don't really need one to make your suit.
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    New full set of marine armor (not mine)

    nice rocket launcher I'm now inspired to continue my pep marine armor just need to finish a few more pieces, and then resin and fiberglass and paint.
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    Have you made it yet?
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    My Halo marine

    I was thinking of mixing and matching some of the halo 2/3 marine armor but i don't think that there are any pep files or 3d models.
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    My Halo marine

    Hello everybody this weekend i finally bit the bullet and started my halo 1 marine, first i decided to do the helmet and affter some scaling problems i think i got it just about right. Any thoughts, complainants, suggestions?
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    I am planing on making a marine pep since i finally found working files but many of the pieces have very little support and would probably warp during fiberglassing and resining, is there a good way to fix this?
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    Anyone have any recommendations on were to start with Pep armor. I started with the helmet and have found it quite daunting and was just wondering if anyone had any tips to make an easier start.