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    Stuff Cheap...

    Hey gang, while they are working out the bugs in the classifieds, I'm just going to pop this up. Getting rid of most of my props and molds. Hit me up for details.
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    Almost There... Helmet Display...

    Well gang it's been a while since I was on, and I was just popping in to show you what I got from a great guy here on the 405th.. enjoy!
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    Halo Xmas Tree.... Spartan Style!

    Toys R Us have then with the MKV or EOD, for $19.00...
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    Halo Xmas Tree.... Spartan Style!

    Thanx gang... we are hoping to get a few more figures on the tree before x-mas. So if anyone has loose figures they want to part with drop us a line...
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    Halo Xmas Tree.... Spartan Style!

    Hey gang, I'm trying to make this an EPIC halo X-Mas tree, so if you have any figures you want to sale or donate to the project PM me...Enjoy Gang...
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    Free Tickets !

    We had a great time george, both the 3-D and the torture attractions were great. If you guys get the chance you really need to pop by the TRF, and get on down to the Slayer's Castle. George is a great guy, and he puts on a great show. Watching him scare the hell out of the kiddies, is great...
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    Open Forum Q & A Invite

    Guidlines: 10 -405th members 5 - YouTubers 2 Hrs 5 Questions each (some questions will be repeats so pay attention) Going to be doing this 1-2 times a month. By invite only, attenties will be chosen at random. Attendies will rotate through the list. Have your account...
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    Props My Tutorial On Prop Building (Very Long!)

    adam A. I did one over six months ago... check out my Youtube vids...
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    Open Forum Q & A Invite

    Hey Gang the Vid tells it all...
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    Yo Texas

    Gonna be there 2nd weekend in NOV. I just started a new job, and been training for the past few weeks. Sorry for the delay bud. But we will be going that week end.
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    And This Is Just The Beginning!

    Hey guys here is an update on my Spiker and Privateer's Marine Pilot helmet... enjoy!
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    And This Is Just The Beginning!

    OKAY GANG!!!, I now have an update on this project... This is how the display is looking so far (see Pix below). I'll be adding a Lengendary shield to the center of the display, and hopefully EVA soon after that. Enjoy!
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    Animatronic Elite Costume

    Wait till you see the size of this thing gang... you'll be even more amazed... I've known pete, for many years and he never fails to amaze. I currently own several of his predator pieces, and he is a master of creature creation. I've got the inside track on this project and can't wait for the...
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    I'm Back At It!

    WILL!!! dude, your don't own me any appology, your need to dump that crap, bud. All you need to do is get better, take care of home, and work. This is a hobby, and everyone you just mentioned knows that very well, so it's all good. Deals, are just that deals... deals can be adjusted to suit all...