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    Iron Man Movie Accurate Pep Files

    Has anyone folded this yet? Is it a decent base to bondo and smooth or not? I'm pretty interested in making this.
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    What age/ How old are you?

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    Got in the Newspaper

    Just thought I'd show you guys. I made in in a newspaper here in Columbus.
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    Finally Completed My suit

    thanks, I am going to do some trimming tonight before I go out walking around. Some of the pieces were rubbing too much. Making it somewhat uncomfortable. Now that I know where they are at I can fix them before I spend a whole night in the suit.
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    Finally Completed My suit

    yeah he is, after haloween I think he may get a covering of Scarlet and Gray, kindof like a certain football teams helmet.
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    Finally Completed My suit

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    Finally Completed My suit

    Good News, Last night I went to OSU's costume contest and won. People were all coming up to me and my girlfriend and taking pictures, wanting to know how I made it ect. They are writing an article on it, on monday. So it should be interesting. I also won $150, so that was nice too. There...
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    Finally Completed My suit

    yeah, I screwed up the chest when i fiberglass it. It dried opened up really wide, so it doesn't hang down as far as it should. It will work for this haloween though. Ill do it right this summer.
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    Finally Completed My suit

    Well I finally got it done. I did do a little weathering after these pictures, but here they are. I will put more up later tonight, when my girlfriend gets her cortana suit completed. [attachment=1131:DSC03059s.jpg] [attachment=1132:DSC03064s.jpg]
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    Resin Question

    I am getting close to being completely done. Just resining will only take one container. I got mine from walmart and I think I should be ending around 2 of them for all the resining and fiberglassing (1 layer). I had enough hardener for for 2 whole containers of resin, with one little tube of...
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    why cant i post?

    I think 5 would be enough. Most people join, realize they have no hope to complete it before haloween after posting a topic and leave. Or get complaints about not searching and get the point.
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    How do I scale on pepakura?

    It is already on here. here is the link.
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    My Helmet Progress

    Yeah, i used primer first. I broiled the AK steel parts because when you buy a parts kit it is covered in cosmoline. This is a type of grease to keep it from getting rusty. The easiest way to get it off is to get it really hot. It normally just burns off. So I put it in the oven when my...
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    My Helmet Progress

    what do you mean by black lines? like along the creases or folds?
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    paper pep helmet

    If you mean without using resin and fiberglass, yes you could, it will make it somewhat stonger. Fiberglass is worth the time and money though. If you mean doing it before applying resin and fiberglass you would be wasting your time 110lb is stong enough to handle the resin and fiberglass.