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  • Hey Nick i just found the Tutorial post (How to Use Pep) and i see all these fantastic comments about your work but i cant see them. I would love to see them if you still have the images floating around somewhere that i could possibly see?
    So just saw the pic of you and your son with your turret gun mounted on your truck...holy **** it looks good!
    okay just wanting to know what were you think when you took that B.A.G up their? and how did it feel to be that close to a god?
    I looked though every page of your thread and I LOVED your build. It. Is. Sick! You've got quite the creative mind to do all of what you did. By the way, your son is adorable!
    Were you at Comic Con this year? because I went on Halo Waypoint this morning and I saw a bunch of spartans dressed up and I saw someone who had a pilot helmet on and a huge machine gun that they were carrying around.
    Hey man just read through your custom reach build! All I can say is Phenomenal Craftsmanship! Not to mention I love your Big Bertha haha that is one very beautiful piece of art!
    Hey buddy, were you able to get Big Bertha in on Sunday? You going to have to trim it for CC?
    Hi dude! Your Dead Space 2 helmet are awsome!
    i cant post in the elite section yet but just wanted to say your M247 is absolutely gorgeous my friend, truly a work of art by a master.:D
    Hey dude, I guess we're heading down to WonderCon on Friday, can't make it Sat as I already have something else going on that day. I know you said you, Kenny and a few others were going Sat. Too bad I won't see you guys, hope you guys get a lot of good pics!
    Hello Nick. I sent you a PM regarding your amazing foam build. Please check it out when you have a moment. Thanks!
    Hey bro, haven't decided yet. Although ticket prices are still cheap and it's right around the corner. You heading down there?
    Hi again I noticed you visited my page I am new to the site but I was really hoping that you would be interested in my offer. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Sincerely, Brian aka nightwulf611 ps that is my gamertag as well
    Love your stuff!
    (and btw i say a guy who looks legit exactly like you, not sure if it was you, but are you from Canada?)
    hey man i was wondering about the pilot helmet, you know on the top/ back part of the helmet there are indents? well i was wondering how exactly you did that

    Hello friend i would like to ask you, that way i can put photos more large on the screen, because the mias more than you want to continue to grow out tiny and that is not i like, i would like to see my photos so great as yours hope you can help me thanks in advance

    hola amigo me gustaria hacerte una pregunta , de que manera puedo colocar las fotos mas grandes en la pantalla , porque las mias por mas que quiera siguen saliendo pequeñitas y eso no me gusta , me gustaria ver mis fotos asi de grandes como las tuyas espero me puedas ayudar gracias de antemano
    Hello friend thanks to your processes have had the inspiration to be able to do the knife for carter of halo reach, is very good work that do already i would like to see all the completed armor of the knife i take something of emile and some of the fundi carter and customize, i would like to know your opinion about the mine, goes ahead i will be watching greetings from the island of gran canaria spain....

    Hola amigo gracias a tus procesos he tenido la inspiracion para poder hacer el cuchillo para carter de halo reach , es buenisimo el trabajo que haces ya me gustaria ver todo la armadura terminada , lo del cuchillo yo tome algo de emile y algo de carter los fundi y lo personalice, me gustaria saber tu opinion sobre el mio , sigue adelante te estare observando , un saludo desde la isla de gran canaria españa....
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