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  • i was looking for the hip pads for the ODST .... ie not apart of the abdominal section ... like right on the hip .... if you have them could you send them??? Thanks
    If you've answered this anywhere else then I apologize but, do you use fiberglass with your rondo or just rondo? and also what ratio of bondo to resin do you use for your rondo?
    Hey Shade, how've ya been? When you get the chance I was wondering what order of sandpaper do you use to smooth out your parts.
    You're pro dude!

    Hey, if you could tell me how to make the visor for the helmets that would be awesome.

    Hey Nightshade,

    Would you mind sending me an E-mail? I would like to take something up with you.


    Thanks in advance!
    hey there nightshade, jw if you could possibly send me your pepakura file of the sniper goggles, i have tried downloading them through your link on 4shared, and on the halo wikia site, niether of the links work, is it possible to re post the file and notify me, or to send me the file via email, thanks very much.

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