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  • yeah, THAT is something you have to get used to, I know I did. lol... What I would do for questionable pieces, (such as the MK VI torso) is only print off a part first, like the immediate neck and collar area, and build and fit that. If it fit, I would print off the rest of the parts, if not, then I only used 2 or 3 sheets of paper instead of 30 or 40... (also, if you find a piece is not going to fit before you finish pepping it, just take the left-over sheets of paper and re-print using the backs of them) Thats why I only cut out the parts as I come to them in the build.
    "This message has been deleted by Noble Seven."
    "This message has been deleted by Noble Seven."

    what? third times the charm? :p Why? Too big? Too small?
    heeeey, you armor looks so awesomeee ! i have to start over mine cuz it was misscaled XD, it makes me look like a bubble head, so i'll start it over again u.u, that sucks =P
    oh, look here in mexico there is also something called Fomi, that i missunderstood with foamie, that's what i was talkib about, FOMI is something very similar to the Mouse pad thing, maybe you can cut in layers " like Dragon scales are made of " and out one over each other =P and paste them with Hot glue or omething, all of this over a suit of neoprene or something similar, thoses neoprene suits are not that expensive as i know, but you will Sweat a lot ... lol that's Hot XD
    oh and for an undersuit i actually used some bicycle crash pads for the legs and just a skin tight shirt for the top. so nothing special really..
    you could always just go for like a royal blue, or sky blue colour? try your local hardware store and grab some of those colour pallete cards!
    hey i actually used a custom blue that i got mixed at my local paint shop. it was called commander sea blue i think..
    and the metallic is just a normal silver spray!
    hey! thats awesome that your doing kat, good luck!
    here is a link to my photobucket with all the photos in one http://s983.photobucket.com/albums/ae314/natstan6/kats%20armour%20progress/
    if you want any more photos of anything in particular just hit me up and i'll upload them.

    and i'd be glad to help you out! any questions just throw them my way and i'll try and answer as best i can, also checking out other wip threads can help you, thats how i learnt most of the stuff i know now :D
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