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  • aiight sweet as. yeh man no probs, thanks for that, i was over looking for something i couldnt find, but i already had it :p keep me posted on your progress, if your building one to aye
    so if i made up the smooth recon helmet v2 id only have to cut out the area that is in the helmet where the visor should go? cause i have the all the files ready to go. For the attachments i found them in a reach pep thread and both parts are titled as follows (if you are chasing them up). The new helmet attachment is the piece on the right side of the helmet with the antenne (also known as Carters helmet attachment) and the second one is called Reach Recon add-on(instead of current add on). The helmet on the same thread is not accurate but the add on is the piece located on the forehead of the helmet. Ill probably start making it within the week, and see how it ends up.
    aw ok then, cause i wasnt entirely sure if you were asking for it or if you'd und it somewere. ive found the attachments (one being carters helmet attachment) but no actual helmet itself. im keen to make one up myself but the only recon helm i got is Smooth Recon Helmet V2. if a file isnt made of th reach recon, ill probs try that out see how it goes. if you hear about a reach version or get a copy of it, could you forward me the link it would be much appreciated. thanks.
    aye man with the recon helmet is that the reach one or halo3 or odst? cause im trying to get the reach recon helmet pep file but cant find it anywere. but below it seems like you know were it is? would you be able to help me out at all? or is it possible to use the smooth recon helmet file, and do the armour perms seperately? what would be best?
    you will not find the helmet as one file...
    it is multiple files.
    when the database comes online again (end of this week), look here
    recon helmet (base) - "database/helmets/recon"
    recon UA attachment - "database/helmets/attachments/ua[r]"
    HUL[3] attachment - "database/helmets/attachments/HUL[3]"

    then build each of these seperately
    and assemble them together!!

    now you will have your recon ua/hul[3]
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