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    Troopers Mk-Vi Wip

    Nice, how are you achieving that scraped-up weathering on your edges? Very realistic.
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    Dimension Releases "budget" $15K Uprint 3D Printer

    I have access to a professional 3D printer through my school. I've used it a couple times for various design projects, and it is a great feeling to kick back and drink a beer while my model BUILDS ITSELF. Newer machines have some pretty mind-blowing features, like multiple-material printing and...
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    I Am Will, Spartan 043!

    That would be cool as well, is your avatar cropped or is that the full image? And nice concept Will, it really hits "Mk V" on the head. Can't wait to see some tangible developments.
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    Bluerealm - Done With My Armor....

    I agree, is there a WIP thread or "how it was made" details out there? I searched all over the place, but the making of this thing is what I really wanna see (or is it a trade secret :p). I have so many questions about how you achieved such an amazing suit. Kudos on the achievement!
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    North Alabama Odst Progress

    Ah... my bad, I got too excited when I saw those initial pics, haha. But what exactly do you mean by "pseudo gel coat"?
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    North Alabama Odst Progress

    Very nice! love the customization and quality in your details. What are you actually casting into your molds? Whatever it is, it gives great resolution as well as surface quality.
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    Rebostar's Ironman Wip

    Super clean helmet, I love it! Keep it up.
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    Kirrou's Odst Build Wip

    Sweeeeeet. Now that the Reach trailer is out and there's inspiration and breathing room for all kinds of armor permutations, I'm glad to see projects like this where people are experimenting with customization and variants. ... and you are doing so very skillfully, I might add. Nice and...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Liam Profession: Industrial design student Age: 21 Interests: Drawing, model-making, drumming, sci-fi, forestry, motorcycles, motor sports, audio-video, computers, video games, music Favorite part of Halo: The new REACH trailer Favorite Halo: 3 Favorite video game: Legend of Zelda...