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    Magnets for putting a weapon on back or thie

    I love the idea about the magnets. It would add more realism to it, but the strap sounds pretty cool to. I like both!
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    Question on armor

    Money wise to or what?
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    Same sides

    Is the covanant tecnically on the same side on the kind of their different species of alien? Cause the humans are on the same side as themselfs (Humans).
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    Question on armor

    If I was.....say going to make a decortive MC armor is it possiable to make it out of aluminum? Ideas? (Note: I'am only going to make it out of a metal.)
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    That talking flood thing

    Why is that talking flood there? The one that says "This is not your grave, but you are welcomed in it". What is he a SuperBrain Flood or what?
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    Tires on Halo 3

    I think bungie should make the tires popable. That would make the game more realistic. I dont know thats my opinion, what do you think?
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    I third that!!! :rock:
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    What is urethanes?
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    Old side-seat in halo three.

    I would like the old sideseat in the worthog. You get to take more men with you.
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    want to show every1 my armour

    Dude thats cool! Keep up the good work!!
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    Halo 2 for computer

    Whats vista?
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    Halo 3 or new Star Wars game?

    Oh, my friend wants the game to. I'll just wait to rent it or untill he buys it.
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    Halo 2 for computer

    Is it true that they are really gonna put Halo 2 for computer?
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    Model of Halo?

    A model with the magnets sound pretty sweet but like link said it would flip the model. How bout it being like one of those gyospheres?
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    100% functioning Worthog (updated w/new pics)

    I can't see the pictures.