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    New Xbox Controller Project Natal

    I think this is a good concept but it will definitly be bug prone which is the reason it is coming out in 2015. I would prefer to have a better version of it later than a bad version next year. I do have to say i am a bit skeptical. I do think it would be fun however i am not a huge fan of...
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    Podcast Week 4 - Marine Helmet

    does it have to be us saying the stuff or can i be say a movie quote or something?
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    Can Somebody Help Me? =)

    Sigma you are a wise man. American media and Americans in general treat it like it is a fact when there is no real evidence. The global temperature has gone up slightly but thats nothing new, the temperature has risen sense the ice age holy s***. The world isnt going to die in the next decade...
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    Pepakura Requests

    That isnt really armor its mostly just cloth so i doubt anyone would make a pep file you'd be better off sewing it
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    405th Pepakura File Reviews

    i think a standard form would help a lot. it may also be a good idea to put them all in the first post at some time.
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    Pepakura Requests

    what do u mean by overlaps if you're talking about the pieces then move them around
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    Pepakura Requests

    Ok all the requests are in the first post thanks to tlither who kindly sent me a list of the request as to save work and get it done faster. keep them coming
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    Pepakura Requests

    Ya im gonna try and get all of them but i may miss some because there are 15 pages and i might not read everything in detail. I will try to get around to it today but i have a lot of work and other things that will take my attention away from this.
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    Pepakura Requests

    Ok i'll do that once i get the time (which may be a while) Rundown the link doesnt seem to be working
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    Pepakura Requests

    I think that would be easier to make from cardboard considering there are only a few pieces that arent particularly big or complicated but if someone wants to make it then go ahead. On another note i noticed that this thread has been growing ridiculously fast and that people dont really want...
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    new member, long time guest

    Ok jango i noticed u posted on several threads that are months old. We have a rule here about that its called no necro posting that means if nobody posted on it for about a month it is dead and you shouldnt post either. Just letting you know so you can stop and dont get banned.
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    H3 pilot helmet

    Dude this thread is months old necro posting is against the rules check the dates.
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    Adam's Assault Rifle

    He is talking about the one that was signed by Bungie not in general, and i am pretty sure he doesnt make 100 (although you might just be sarcastic). And molding things is expensive but i think he would get a lot of money back by selling them.
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    Halo 4 What I Would Like, Dream With Me Here.

    I like how almost everything said here is available in halo ce and halo custom edition. You CAN fly other ships like pelicans, you can change what the guns shoot. All of this available through wonderful modding and downloadable maps. The only thing it lacks is good graphics. But for halo 4... i...
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    Would anyone suggest the CraftRobo?

    Ya i personally dislike scoring the most and cutting isnt much fun either it would save a lot of time and work. I might get one if my friends split the cost i personally dont have a license for pep designer but my friend Ice does. I have a few other friends who might be interested. The cost...