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    BR Winter skin from gamestop.

    I would like one if there's any left.
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    Another noob enters the fray..

    No edge ID? Impressive for a first try, from the pictures I can't see any mistakes at all, great job.
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    KAT ARMOR BUILD - with custom undersuit

    Featured on GameInformer, congratulations, LilTyrant.
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    CQB Helmet Overview

    Can't see them for some reason. Using Chrome right now.
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    Halo 4 Recruit armor (3D Model build)

    Wow, that looks amazing!
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    Corweena's Mk. VI Custom build

    My reaction upon first entering.
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    my first project...

    Don't forget outside bondo work if you want real smooth and detailed outside.
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    Wondering if anyone would mind helping me in my efforts

    Try one of the request pep threads perhaps.
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    Wondering if anyone would mind helping me in my efforts

    He wants an unfolded pep file of pedob- Uh.. the Brown one.
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    Rogue helmet, and multiplayer build WIP (Pic Heavy)

    High heels make sense all of the sudden...
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    Halo 4 Discussion Thread

    The importance was because the forerunners engineered the surviving humans to evolve in a pre-planned way so that Chief and Cortana would happen. It's strange, but that's what the Librarian says, and that's why she 'advances' him in a way so that he would be immune to becoming 'data' like in the...
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    I did not pre-order Halo 4

    The big problem for most people was the lack of story base told in the game. Alot of the setting for the H4 plot was written in the three books preceding Halo 4, which explains a large majority of the reasons some people complain about the campaign.
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    *SPOILERS* Halo 4 Ending *SPOILERS*

    I noticed that, and it annoyed me, why did they all look like carbon-copies of Chief? Why no color variation? Why did they have what looks like MK7 when this is MKV time?
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    *SPOILERS* Halo 4 Ending *SPOILERS*

    It's only a really short sentence or two from the start when he's still in the cryo thing. It's also partially explained in Glasslands
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    My First Build: Halo 4 Master Chief

    There's a perk for that.