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  • Hey Beth! (can't seem to be able to post on your page OR send you PMs so I hope you'll read this)

    Far too many things have happened over here. It's been AGES since I've been online and once I finally tracked down all the places I've been signed up on, I decided to drop by here again. I unexpectedly just vanished, I know, I gotta apologize to all the Source staff for that - and gotta blame the illness for that! Had to deal with a whole lot of things between then and Feb this year, but finally all has been sorted out for me and I can go back to my life for now. Everything we've been dealing with over here has left me with extremely little time and even less inspiration for writing. To put it short, it was a mess, haha

    But very happy to be back!
    ODESSA! How are you girl?! I'm not sure if you'll remember me; before the forum changed my username was FemaleSpartan - we used to write for the Source! What the heck happened to that?! Anyway, great to see you're still here! :)
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The type of girl that likes long walks on the Ark, and things that go BOOM.

Halo, Fallout, Mass Effect, astrophysics, militaria, 1940's, Star Trek, writing, photography
Mar 9, 1986 (Age: 35)