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    For The Art Peeps

    :eek ...And I thought I was good!!!Now those are some really amasing art. Condor,How the heck did you do that?
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    Props Paintball Assault Rifle

    Now that is awesome.Really neat.How big is your barrel?
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    A (Long) Christmas Story

    Now that's the real meaning of Christmas.To give,not to get.Thank you for posting that Adam.There's something in that story that is bulging out.
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    What Did You Get For Christmas?

    I got the HALO Encyclopedia money duct tape 20oz.can of co2 for paintball 1,000 paintballs
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    Props Paintball Assault Rifle

    Good luck with your ar...if it brakes...make a spartan laser out of it.You can definitely make it fit.Everyone should fear you,but that would be annoying to have the gun up there for so long and the fact that you can't see all that good in the first place.hope it works. That stinks to walk...
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    My Cats Helmet

    My cat scratched me up pretty bad.but my dog won't care.So I'm going to try to put armor on that lazy thing.
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    My Cats Helmet

    I did misspell it did'nt I.The head and legs is just what you need to armor.Am I correct?
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    Unrealistic is having a foot solid block of metal for the chest plate.Master Chief"s chest armor is probaly at the most 4 inches thick. Well in 500 years they should have really good technology,they probably would have better armor that is leighter stronger and more comfier.In 500 hundred...
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    Props Paintball Assault Rifle

    I like it...I am working on the stock to my ODST smg. I'm going to play Paintball the 28th of this month.I would love to have my Rookie armor done in time,But since it is cold I will be padded up with a couple of coats. Can't wait to see this finishes. :D You might say,"Paintballs don't...
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    I would go with the original ODST if it was me,But the rookie is fine too. Why does he have big shoulder armor...I think a lot of the games I hate is because their so unrealistic.That is on the edge of doing the same thing.
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    My Cats Helmet

    No!Your life might someday depend on the J.A.R.,SFC ,and The Kitty Squad...YOUR LIFE IS IN THEIR PALS!
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    405Th Christmas Chat

    I see you're not the only one.
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    Reach: An Lt Wip

    It's looking great!Can't wait to see it finished!
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    My Cats Helmet

    ??? I will try to get a grunt cat going...just need to strap it on him (that's going to be hard!)Should have the pics sometime soon. :)
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    Halo-Holiday Card

    Sorry to tell you,but I didn't make this.I found it on HBO