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    KAT ARMOR BUILD - with custom undersuit

    How is this not in the Elite section yet? truly inspiring work
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    Why do YOU build armor?

    Well let's be honest, if the zombie apocolypse happened we'd all like to think our armor could protect us am i right? lol
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    BRODST's Helm [Modeled and unfolded by Kirrou]

    Looks pretty good man, personally I'd upgrade to the non-tester version and tweak it to fix the sizing issue but hey whatever floats your boat, good luck
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    Photo Op Etiquette Question

    Hello community, this may seem like a silly question but I recently had my first photo ops! Yay! anyway whenever someone wanted to take a picture with me they would obviously stand close to me, and just as a reflex my arm would want to go around them, which I would normally do if I were taking...
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    ODST for my kids WIP Completed (more photos Page 13)

    Sweet baby jeezus your kids are gonna look so good on Halloween night, Epic Dad: Your doin it right! :D
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    ODST Foam armor! Getting ready for Halloween (:

    On mine I used that little plastic circular thing that's left over after you finish a roll of tape, and it looks fairly accurate.
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    ODST Foam armor! Getting ready for Halloween (:

    The concept of an all foam suit just sounds so comfy :D you could probably lay down and fall asleep in that sucker lol maybe one day I'll try that
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    Why do YOU build armor?

    Yeah, a lot can happens in 10 years, and sometimes its the constant things in our lives that keep us grounded, even if it is something as trivial as a video game.
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    Why do YOU build armor?

    I know what you mean, I remember drawing a masterpiece (or at least my version of a masterpiece lol) looking at it and then being like... ok what now? Not that I don't appreciate a good piece of art; paintings, music, etc. I just enjoy armor building more. I want to thank everyone for taking...
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    ODST Dare Foam Build (Pic heavy)

    EVA foam - $10 Glue sticks - $1.75 Subscribing to this thread - Priceless
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    When was the first time you played a Halo game?

    I agree, unfortunately I'm still classified as a noob so this is the only place I could post this.
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    When was the first time you played a Halo game?

    The Halo:CE anniversary edition is coming out soon and it got me feeling nostalgic and reminded me of the first time I ever played Halo. I remember it like it was yesterday... *cue cheezy flashback*... I wondered into my local Comp USA, not really looking for anything in particular just...
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    ODST Dare Foam Build (Pic heavy)

    Jealousness... I haz it. Every time I'd see someones build where they shaped their pieces with heat guns I would quietly complain to myself because I didn't have one, but when I read that part about how you use your stove I literally said out loud "Duh heat!!" lol Thanks for unintentionally...
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    Dragon con 2011 with itstimstime

    LOL I had seen you in the Yeshmin video before this and was like whoa it's tim! I would recognize your armor anywhere, it stands out above the rest.
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    Flex Seal: does it work?

    cool man thanks for the feedback