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    Halo Forum RPG

    Link me up dude!!! I used to be part of a Star Wars RPG that was a real hoot! The back story looks excellently written, and this would be a good place to exercise my meagre writing abilities and have a laugh. LINK US UP!!!!!!!
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    1st Attempt at ODST WETA Helmet (Pic Heavy)

    My mate Jabez has done a few Pepakura projects before, mostly models of Serenity and such, so I'm sorta following his lead with stuff like that. I have asked if it would be better with glue he said it makes very little difference. Lol I don't know enough to argue.
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    All-in-One Halo Pepakura Pack

    We've started the Helmets! See Here
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    1st Attempt at ODST WETA Helmet (Pic Heavy)

    Hey hey! So me and a friend have started putting together a set of ODST armour. We've started with the helmet (Thanks to HeavyGunner for his complete Pepakura Pack) here's how its going after a few days... My Partner in Crime working away Helmet! You're doing it wrong! The...
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    Xbox Live Gamer Tags

    405th Name: ODST-Seph XBL Gamer Tag: ItsBlack Seph Location: Leicestershire, UK Time Zone if applicable: Greenwich Mean Time
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    What Does Your Username Mean?

    ODST-Seph... well if I need to explain the first bit (ODST) here, then I think I'm in the wrong place. It does bear mentioning that with the exception of 117, I personally think the ODST are all sorts of harder than the Spartans! Seph comes from Final Fantasy VII's bad ass Bad Guy! I went by...
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    All-in-One Halo Pepakura Pack

    Nice one HG! I'm waiting for a colleague of mine to get back from his time at Sandringham (:S) and hopefully we're going to make a start on some armour, so this is gonna be real useful. I let you know the results soon.
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    What will you be wearing in Reach?

    I'll be using the limited edition armour for pre-ordering the Legendary pack :D
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    First Time Ever...

    Hey guys. I've been looking into joining this place for ages. I really want to get into the whole thing, and i'm thinking of starting with making my very own ODST armour. I'm not looking for you to do everything for me, I just want any tips or advice on pitfalls and common mistakes so i can...
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    Finepoint Games Recruitment

    er, i consider myself something of a writer and though i lack artistic ability, i've plenty of imagination to lend to those who can draw lol
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Marc 'Seph' Sykes Profession: Factory Worker Age: 25 Favorite Hobby: Metal DJing or a local community radio station Favorite part of halo: Master Chief: Sir, permission to leave the station? Lord Hood: For what purpose, Master Chief...