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    N7 Mass Effect Armor Build in Summer 2019

    Yep, the title basically says it all. My POSSIBLE. Note: POSSIBLE next up coming Project. After about 7 years of ``inactivity`` it has finally time to see an opportunity to make the legendary N7 Armor. It will probably be a foam build, but let´s see. Yes, I know there are dozents of ´em out...
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    Back here at the moment but noticed my profile has changed. (Prof pics etc.) Trying to fix the...

    Back here at the moment but noticed my profile has changed. (Prof pics etc.) Trying to fix the issues. Thanks for the patience.
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    Halo 3 UNSC Frag Grenade (WIP) 3/15/14

    Looking fantasic! I also made one. It was a little bit different (not a pepakura file) but same size and shape. Here is where I found it:
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    HALO ODST Diorama - New Mombasa

    Im always happy to see updates. These latest pics from the structure give some hint about the scale of this entire thing, but is it possible to put EVERYTHING you have done so far in a same pic? Just to see the overview of the whole diorama, you know. :)
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    My Spartan III Security Helmet

    Thanks! Yeah I must say that this helmet is a bit bigger than my ODST helmet. Is this actually only security helmet on the forum? I would like to see others if there are any. :)
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    My Spartan III Security Helmet

    Hi u all! I decided to try this helmet. I must say that it didnt turn out as good as I expected but it is still pretty much ok looking helmet. Maybe I should have used silver paint to make worn out weathering effects. Anyway, here it is: Finished pep work: [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]...
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    Halo 3/reach fileshare, and custom map downloading

    Do you have Halo 3: ODST? There should be a second disc called "Multiplayer". It contains ALL HALO 3 MAPS!! Heroic, Legendary and Mythic map packs and of course the very original maps too (like Guardian, Sandtrap, Last Resort, Valhalla!!). I dont know about Reach however. :( Hopefully this...
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    Elysium- The Movie (Hints to a future Halo movie??)

    Neil Blomkamp must be thinking like this: Ok, I made District 9 and now Elysium sooooo who needs a Halo movie?? :angry
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    halo first person helmet cam

    Is it possible to add blue HUD elements like shield on top and motion tracker to the left corner? :confused That would be even more spectacular. Just being curious...
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    Props Halo 4 SAW build

    Awesome custom skin! :eek
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    Cortana Costume by Revenge

    Does it feel bad to know that Cortana died at the end of Halo 4? :(
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    How Do You Guys Feel About Halo 4?

    Yep, too many holes in the campaign story. It should not be needed to read all the books to keep up with the story. 4 years napping feels more like 40 yrs! Must say that Halo 4 feels like less Halo game than any other. Reach and ODST were add-ons but still felt Halo and supported the story...
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    You guys must be sick of my threads

    Why would we be mad at you?! It it interesting to hear how you feel and be glad that you hav such a caring father. Besides, you are one of my very first friends on the forum and like many others, me too want to see your armor finished some day. Keep rocking and playing Halo girl! ;)
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    How many completed halo costumes on the 405th?

    Here is mine. Noticed this thread just now. Better late than never. ;) #289 [/URL][/IMG]
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    My first build - HD Master Chief MJOLNIR armour :D

    Ok. Good for you. And glad to have you back here. :)