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    pepakura stargate files

    Working on the staff now. Now I need to decide Anubis or Horus? Plus, I need to do about a million situps and push ups.
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    Nintendudes Pepakura Collection

    Okay, got it. I got it opened in designer but it does need alot of work.
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    Colonial Marine, M41, And Predator

    The last thing I needed was another project to consume my time and money. It looks like I'm making a predator and colonial marine costume now.
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    Nintendudes Pepakura Collection

    I used the link and found model pack 1 in the 3d files folder. But when I tried to download it I got The file link that you requested is not valid.
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    Nintendudes Pepakura Collection

    If your looking for un-folders for the Tau Commander I would love to help with this project. I'll be scaling it to accommodate 2 foot stilts though.
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    Warhammer 40K Space Marine

    Thanks for the link.
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    Warhammer 40K Space Marine

    Do you reccommend some Maya teaching material for a self taught student?
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    Space Marine Wip

    There is no way this costume will be comfortable, but it'll be worth it.
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    Space Marine Pep Models (update Post #29)

    Cool! I'll ask some friends to help figure out those instructions.
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    Half Life 2 ~ Gordon Freeman Armor

    The breast plate I made is too small. Maybe I printed it small by clicking yes to the that stupid reduced margins questions. Is there anyone else thats finished the chest plate yet?
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    C 3 P O _ Pep Head

    Am I missing the link to the battle droid file? Is that a WIP?
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    Dawn Of War Pdo

    I've assembled 3 different bolters and this one was my favorite.
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    (Null).exe's Half-Life 2 Hev Suit

    I love your progress. I'm peping this also but no where near as far along as you.
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    Half Life 2 ~ Gordon Freeman Armor

    OOH. I thought it'd be easier then that. I guess this noob will just wait for a veteran to do it.
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    Half Life 2 ~ Gordon Freeman Armor

    Instead of making a separate shin guard is there a way of just mirroring or reversing image for the the other leg.