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    EVA(Emile) Build

    Man this looks great I hope mine come out this good.
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    Mark VI WIP Pic Heavy

    Looks great. I hope mine turns out this good.
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    Do you think I deserved this?

    Thtas crazy you know. Its funny you ask a simple question and people just go off.
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    Brute's MJOLNIR journey

    Looks great man keep up the good work.
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    Rosh's odst build wip

    This is looking great man keep up the good work.
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    Meet the first real halo spartan... omg

    I saw this guy on tv a few years back the suit is really cool. That sucks that he has to stop the project.
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    "Help!" for: Papercraft or Pepakura

    I have been having the same problem with the pep. When I print I will get a page that is all solid black or I will only get the line ID with no lines.
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    Spartan-270 Halo Reach Suit Photoshoot (Pic Heavy)

    That looks great nicely done.
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    My little Side-Project

    Thats so cool.
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    My CQB and Weapons WIP

    Ok so this took a bit longer to pep but its finished. Im going to start fiberglassing sunday.
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    My CQB and Weapons WIP

    Ya I will have some pictures up of it later today.
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    My CQB and Weapons WIP

    I have to wait until this weekend to get the resin and stuff to finish it up as of right now im peping a recon helm to take up the time but I plan on having that finished full pep today.
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    What do you do while making armor??

    Crank the tunes or listen to any sport game that might be on tv.
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    My CQB and Weapons WIP

    Im using 110 card stock.
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    My CQB and Weapons WIP

    Alright so im a noob but this is what i have so far. The first thing I started off with is the halo 2 hand grenade and a M6D pistol, then i moved on to the CQB helm. [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]