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    Attacthing weapons?

    My props and armour were already done and painted. I didn't want to go back and start cutting into them to install magnets. So I made a holster instead to carry my weapon. Check my thread out. Halo weapon props Sean Anwalt pointed me in the right direction for references.
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    Noob Printing help

    You need to download a separate program to print out the templates. Pepeakura Designer is the most popular. There is a free and paid version. Make sure you scale the armour part to your size pefore you print.
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    Attacthing weapons?

    When adhering magnets don't attach the matching part right away. Give time for the adhesive to cure so the bond is string enough. The other solution is to cover one of the magnets with 2mm foam. And leave the other bare. Keep in mind though, that this does weaken the bond a little bit.
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    Helmet Visors

    For my ODST I bought this: Then made my own template.
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    DFT ODST w/ a twist build for my son

    Please... Don't mention TurboCharizard's uncovered buttocks... I have just finally stopped having nightmares....
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    DFT ODST w/ a twist build for my son

    I have no idea what you are talking about...
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    Noob looking for a little bit of help with Pepakura Designer

    The file you are looking at is a foam conversion from a pep build. The stuff floating in limbo are all the bits that won't work very well in a foam build.
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    Monster Hunter World: Odogaron armour build

    I've got majority of the paint on and the mask has got a new set of teeth. I thought to myself.... "self... Let's try it on again." As I mentioned, the mask now has a full set of teeth.
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    Monster Hunter World: Odogaron armour build

    Mask is painted. Started putting the teeth in but realised I didn't have enough. So I had to pull them out and make some more with foam clay. Started painting the could plates and the shin armour as well.
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    Halo Legends: Spartan Daisy-023

    The bad thing is you can see the back.... look to the right of the photo... there is a mirror... Dirtdives pass me the bleach when you are done.
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    ODST MK III; “Halo 2 Anniversary”

    Wow. Plaster torso. Did you have a shirt on when you plastered yourself or, use a metric tonne of Vaseline?
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    Final Fantasy 15 weapon building

    The sword seems simple enough in design. You could make it from scratch. Check out this vid from OdinMakes to see if it can help any.
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    Monster Hunter World: Odogaron armour build

    Weather was good yesterday so I spent a few hours in the garage sealing the rest of the armour. Just before I went to bed I brushed on first coat of red on the mask. And another comparison of ver1 and ver2.
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    Monster Hunter World: Odogaron armour build

    Small update... My blade has an edge. Carved out as much foam as could to create the edge. Then took some paint stir sticks with sandpaper glue to it. I went from 80, 120,180 and then 220. After that I heat sealed it to shrink down any fuzzies. There a few low spots on either side. I may leave...
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    Monster Hunter World: Odogaron armour build

    Progress on the long sword. Made some templates for the guard and layered 3 pieces of foam for each part. After I had carved and rounded off part with rotary I realised I was missing a section. I had made it with 3 'knuckles' for each wing thingie instead of 4. Made the appropriate changes and...