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  • lol yeah that was me after Reach release cause I'd met two guys in town who'd mentioned they were just starting up :)
    I'll be white spartan in the next couple months when the Meta is done.
    When all 4 of us are done we should totally get together and have a photoshoot or something
    Cant remember, but it was something about seein another (red) spartan in inverness at the reach launch ceremony., ill try and find it again
    Ahh I'm in Nairn myself. Which of the Inverness guys was it that you saw? I've seen their in-progress stuff on fb but nae on here yet :)
    Duuuude! Lossiemouth? You're just down the road from me :D There's a couple guys in Inverness got started but they don't really post much here and I haven't seen any progress pics on their fb in a while.

    Good to have more local peeps around!
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