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    My SB ODST Armor Finished, Finally!

    dont how i missed this thread but really nice work love all the detail
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    Props halo flame bomb / flame grenade wip UPDATE 06/04/11

    i know what you are saying i was thinking of doing that
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    Props JBetts97's Frag grenade paint job

    reallyy nice paint job !!
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    Props halo flame bomb / flame grenade wip UPDATE 06/04/11

    update time well glued everything together and filled in the joints and added some paint everything fitted together with no problems painted every thing with silver paint and then gave it a wash with black paint i think it can out beautiful what do you guys think...
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    Props halo flame bomb / flame grenade wip UPDATE 06/04/11

    its been a while since i have posted something way back i after making my frag grenade i started on this flame grenade at first i was planning on going with pep so i did my own 3d model and imported it into pepakura and unfolded any everything. i glued it together and resined it but then i...
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    my odst build

    great work with the foam/pep built cant wait to see the final suit
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    Papasmurf's M6C/SOCOOM pistol casted

    it was not made with pep. it was made of wood which i then casted in resin. as for the frags ill send you a pm or email about that.
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    FoolyCoolyMans Jorge 052 Build

    great build great work great everything !!
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    H2 odst

    did you pep it or is it a scratch build ? either way great job
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    ODST Wip

    i love the knife great work cant wait to see it all done up
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    Props The M6X Multi-Pistol

    thats some jaw dropping work there! love the files. great build !
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    My first build

    get work keep it up nice chest piece
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    Papasmurf's M6C/SOCOOM pistol casted

    well i got some pics and a short video up of the flash light and laser setup on youtube. the button on the turns on the laser and the button on the bottom turns on the flash light.
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    ODST build

    nice work ! but i think you are going to need supports on the inside so it dont warp when adding resin
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    Papasmurf's M6C/SOCOOM pistol casted

    yes i did make the grenade. the grenade is going to be part of peter cooper's operation chastity here is the link to the build thread for the grenade (! )