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    Forge iz back and better!!! :D

    Yea, i was at the Halo Reach panel at comicon, Bungie's live demo was spectacular and everybody was going crazy, there was a guy seated in front of me that was pulling out his hair, haha Reach forge is just unbelievable, i imagine ill be spending many hours designing levels and battle grounds.
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    Complete Jun Costume for SDCC (Sneak peak!)

    The Kat suit was someone from bungie for the upcoming halo reach commercial that will be released in the next month or so. That armor was superb, wish i could craft something that amazingly detailed. I was there yesterday so i saw everybody in their costumes, awesome job guys, wish i had...
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    High Deftail Smg Pdo

    i dont recognize the .3ds file type, you might have to change it to pdo. though how to do that, i have no clue all the pep files ive been using are pdo files, did you download that from somewhere?
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    Props Ichigo´s Bankai "cutting Moon"

    Yeah, id suggest just buying a replica, or get one for your bday, my friend got me it a month ago and it is awesome. He got it from so ya can check it out there. Theres a couple of different versions with varying prices ranging from 40-80 bucks. I've been thinking about using it...
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    Arma 2

    demo right now, gonna have to wait for more money to get full version
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    Arma 2

    and how do i get there? im looking at the properties tab and cant find anything with launch options Edit: Nevermind, found it, haha, ill let ya know if it works though, thanks again. Edit: cool, got it to work, runs very well, thanks!!!
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    Arma 2

    well i found another guy that has the same problem, he listed his in the forum and a guy answered, only problem is, i have no clue what the answer means, haha anyways, heres the forum My link any help on what to do? it worked for him, i just dont know what to do. Edit: I thought they...
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    Arma 2

    it isnt so much about smoothness, just for some reason the textures of the objects and scenery arnt being rendered. Like the humvee looks like a big gray block with pizza size disks for wheels, and the bushes all look like brown 2d squares. My brother says its the game, it cant run with new...
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    Arma 2

    my brother is trying to get me to play, i downloaded the demo and started playing it but for some reason it doesnt work with my graphics card, as in the game runs, but the graphics are horribly choppy and muddled. my card is a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260, its pretty new so i dont know whats going on...
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    Halo 3: Odst - Pepakura Armor

    The backpack and torso plate opened for me, maybe you're working with the wrong version? Anyways, awesome job guys on the pieces, now i only wait for a the recon/sniper backpack, haha. I do have a question though, anyone have an idea how to scale it? I read the "How to scale pepakura" guide...
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    Halo 3: Odst - Pepakura Armor

    I just want to say that you guys are doing an amazing job, keep it up!!! :D
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Patrick Age: 20 (soon to be 21, woohoo!) Occupation: student, studying architecture Favorite hobby: video games, anime, DnD. Favorite part in Halo: The storyline, I love good stories Favorite Halo: Halo 2, just really fun. Favorite video games: WoW, Civ IV, command and conquer...