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    HALO 4 SCOUT full build.....stony props style by Jim :)

    Well isn't this just insane... Saying you achieved the seamless look is beyond an understatement but my question is how? I'm sure precision cutting and glueing helps but only so much. The "seams" on yours literally don't exist haha.
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    Halo 4 undersuit (undecided on armor)

    Being at school, I'm pretty limited with my methods. I'm probably going to be scratch building the armor out of thin plastic sheets or coat card board in smooth cast or something. But that's somewhat of a ways off. Depends on time. For now it's the rifle then hopefully onto the Recon helmet...
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    Halo 4 undersuit (undecided on armor)

    This is what has become of the necro'ed MA37 build in my signature. I decided to take a different turn once I started building again and sort of made a hybrid of the MA37 and the BR85HB SR. I'm still deciding whether to put a hand guard or design a grenade launcher. I bought the led counter way...
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    Team Impact Props Halo 4 Builds (HAYABUSA, WETWORK, Coming Soon TUTORIALS))

    So sick. You're painting is unreal and definitely brings the suit to life. Clean armor has always felt wrong IMO haha. You're method for the under suit seems way way more efficient while still achieving the realism. Wish I had seen your H4 Chief build before I committed to the individual under...
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    Halo 4 New ---SCOUT--- helmet build.

    This is so incredibly clean. This and your H4 build are truly inspiring.
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    Halo 4 undersuit (undecided on armor)

    Thanks again for all of the support. I finally figured out how to reply to people directly--I can be a little techno-tarded at times--so hopefully that'll make my responses a little more efficient. I don't know if I'll be able to get another pic update before I fly out in T-minus 5 hours. So...
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    Halo 4 undersuit (undecided on armor)

    First off, thank you so much everyone! The 405th is such an awesome community! I really appreciate the support. I want to apologize for the huge progress jump so I used the work we did today as the basis for a pretty basic tutorial: Most of my work I do by eye so I don't have any formal...
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    Halo 4 undersuit (undecided on armor)

    I actually started this project over the summer. I have next to no experience sewing but my grandma does embroidery work. Since I only see her during breaks the progress is slow. Essentially she made a single piece suit; similar to a morph suit. I cut out different sections of foam and covered...
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    Rogue Helmet W.I.P.

    Don't be so hard on yourself. This turned out amazing. Do you want scratch in battle damage? The would only work if you have a silver under layer and that might take off that paint as well. When I do battle damage I use stiff synthetic brushes and just apply a little silver to the tip and...
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    Reach Armor WIP

    Nice work so far. Can't wait to see the progress on the helmet
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    Halo 3 Security Marathon helmet WIP(pic heavy)

    Man your work is insane and truly inspirational haha but seriously it's turing out amazing. keep up the good work
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    Pendy's Soda Chief

    So I actually got this idea from a friend about a month ago. So you know those party hats with the two holders on the sides and tubes that go down to the mouth? Well I'm going to make a party chief. I gave him a helmet about a 2years ago (my first pep) that he resined and used for a make shift...
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    Pendy's N6 and Ma37 wip (pic heavy)

    So update time. I was able to get a lot of work done on the chest piece this weekend. The majority of the bondo has been applied but I have to strengthen the connectors under the arms before I apply the rest. Also I ordered leds and switches for the entire armor yesterday. After looking at...
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    Noble team: Ka5p3r

    Oh gotcha I know Ithica uses the method of only cutting out part of the visor area and painting the rest but if you could figure out a way to successfully vacuform'd have one, literally one haha, BA suit on your hands. Good Luck
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    Pendy's N6 and Ma37 wip (pic heavy)

    Thanks for the compliments guys it really helps with the build. @Tactonyx & Noble XI: I was originally going to dremel in the details but was too afraid that I might mess up even with a guide and didn't want to waste a visor. So instead I masked off the details and spray painted them on. They...