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    Dead Space 2 Armor & Weapons ( Pic Heavy )

    Nick, That build, well multiple builds are just amazing. I like the fact that you freehand a lot of your stuff, I think there is a certain level of artistry in that and I highly respect that. I hope you made a little bit of change on that build, because its flipping amazing. -Penguin
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    Noob Creating first Spartan foam armor

    Venture, Thanks a ton for all the advice! I had forgotten to upload those photos >_< They are on my flickr now and can be found at the links. Once again I really...
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    Noob Creating first Spartan foam armor

    EDIT: Seems that I can't upload or link photos yet for some reason, either that or im just crazy. EDIT 2: Changed to links. Hello again all. I decided to start my first kit with Pepakura instead of foam, although now that I just finished my first piece it has me wondering if that's a good...
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    Let The Madness Begin, Or My Warthog Build.

    I have read (somewhat) what your doing and think its amazing. I cant wait to see the final piece come through. Its looking badass right now, im sure it will only get better with time.
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    Noob Creating first Spartan foam armor

    Thanks Falinos and J326. I was thinking that because of the larger pieces and less rounding than the leg/thigh it would be simpler to start with, but I will definitely take it into consideration. Thanks.
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    Noob Creating first Spartan foam armor

    Hello everyone, I introduced myself in the intro forum, and even watched the "noob orientation video" so I figured it was time to throw up a post. I am going to be doing a foam kit within the next few weeks so I just figured I would start this thread, get a little info, and post some pics...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Nicholas Cochrane Profession: Graphic Design Student, Work at Old Navy part-time Age: 22 Favorite Hobby: (wouldnt name a single favorite, but) Video Games, Reading, Hunting Favorite part of halo: Storyline, style of art, gameplay Favorite Halo: Halo CE Favorite Video Game: Halo...