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    End result of 343 and Cortana

    make me :D
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    Clay weight to scuplt size comparison

    Basically wondering how much clay something like a helmet would take. Medium thickness. . For a helmet how many pounds of clay do you need?
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    Integrating metal?

    there is a video on this site somewhere of like a 9 year old in armor. his dad made it for him competely out of riveted aluminum. Sounds more sturdy but would probably dent easy.
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    End result of 343 and Cortana

    when you wear and spande body suit what do you expect? r u homosexual? not that theres anything wrong with that.
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    Clayegendary Helmet

    looks bubbly. r u going to sand pre or post mold? you may just inspire me to do the same!
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    Help me

    did a search and couldn't find it. thanks. :D
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    End result of 343 and Cortana

    Wot Limak read back :p
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    Help me

    i ass ume its under 100 pounds. so instead of three sentences you could have typed two numerals and this would have all been over.
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    Help me

    SEAN! while ur here, could you answer my question too>? thanks :)
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    Help me

    how many pounds of Chavant medium clay do you need to make a helmet?***ahem bluerealm****
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    Halo 3 hand WIP

    check out my hand armor in the "molded armor" section. It is more accurate but i used crappier clay so i may have to redo it.
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    Halo 3 hand WIP

    some of the depths of your crevaces are off. Many things you thing should be pits are aftually just etched lines. look at some CLOSE UP pictures. they really helped me ;)
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    Anyone wearing their suit to school or for haloween?

    you mean yours? sure i'll PM you my address adam. :p lol, no i don't have any...YET! :mad:
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    Plasma Sword Project (New Update with pics!!!)

    my post got shut down after 4 hours for having no pics. Why is this thread still alive???!?!?!?!?!!