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    Halo Legends: Spartan Daisy-023

    xXDashIVXx I'm not seeing it. Are you saying I look like Ewan McGregor? :lol: _ it, I'm in. Jedi Jesus here I come.
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    Duke's Reach Army BDU - Military Counter Intelligence

    I wonder what other Marine may have sent this my way... :) Came in three pieces. Got the first two glued together. Gonna fiberglass it this weekend and make the buck for the visor.
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    ODST Blood Type Shoulder Badges HERE

    there is another thread from this year that has all the images:
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    HOD Anaheim Volunteers

    If you have not all seen, there are two big announcements: One, we are doing a dinner Saturday. Details here: Two, the structuring of the volunteering has changed. Basically, you signed up for a specific job that may...
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    questions about playing a spartan?

    Do you plan to make it or buy it? Making it may help a little being that it is yours and not someone else's.
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    questions about playing a spartan?

    We do put fans inside our helmets. That helps me a lot.
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    questions about playing a spartan?

    I agree doing a Halo 4 or 5 Spartan and doing no helmet. Just have to work on the neckseal to get that cool space soldier look..
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    Group Project: Reach Army BDU (Bucket to Boots)

    Yes it is. So is the Thigh piece.
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    Group Project: Reach Army BDU (Bucket to Boots)

    Way to go! Where were you a couple months ago!?! :lol: I'm still glad you posted. I'm hoping I can consolidate our resources into an easy to read thread.
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    Site Suggestion Box

    I'll add it to the list that doesn't exist! ;) (in case you don't know, that's what we call our list of things we need to do once HOD is over)
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    Social media share thread!

    Facebook: Chris Pense Instagram: PerniciousCosplay Xbox: PerniciousDuke
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    Site Suggestion Box

    Free 3D Model Index You mean something like this? Trouble is some of the files are hosted on other sites like thingiverse, but they are made by our members so maybe just a quick permision-to-host letter could be made.
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    HOD Anaheim Saturday 405th Dinner

    Yup! Dave and Busters! It will be easier for me since they will give us an invoice a week before the dinner. That way there is no guessing when we get there. Plus I'm super poor so I would not be able to do this if it was a split the check night-of kind of situation. We've got 19 people so...
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    Having a problem with the site? POST HERE!

    he4thbar Art has already looked into getting the page jumps at the top on mobile, but it is not an option. Is anyone experiencing the formatting issue though? It is getting to be a real problem for me. Happens on my desktop (mozilla). If I click to bold or change color (and now even when I...
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    Duke's Reach Army BDU - Military Counter Intelligence

    This is it guys! 20 hours of work for a piece that is going to be 90% covered. :lol: but I'm happy I did it. It's also the only thing I've made for Alex that he is actually impressed with (and I made him a leather Nightingale! ) But I have to agree this thing is snazzy. So stout that it...