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    Duke's Skyrim Nightingale Armor

    Just finished a suit-up video of this build. This was our first suit up which took 30 minutes. Now that everything is snapped on he can do it himself in 5 minutes. *Turn subtitles on for costume description*
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    Asking for help to use Pepakura files on EVA foam

    Lots of tips and tutorials out there Foxcario . I know it's exciting and you want to dive in, but a few hours of research will save you countless hours of frustration. The file you're using has not been converted to foam. I suggest finding a foam file or watching this video.
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    Pepakura/Model Requests: Second Edition

    Ah, so you are looking for an STL file? This thread is for PDO and OBJ files. Due to the amount of work it takes to convert a game asset into a 3d printable file most people charge for the final model. There are very generous individuals who have offered them to members for free. You will find...
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    Pepakura/Model Requests: Second Edition

    Hi Ponti, This thread is more for models to work with Pepakura Designer. They are not high poly enough to print. Try requesting in the Sup Rinzlerr! There are quote a few ODST chest floating around. What game are you looking for...
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    Helmet Visors

    What? You wrote a vacuum forming tutorial and didnt put tutorial in the title!? The Tutorial Index will be updated kind sir.
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    Item 1: Passes for the Membership

    That may have been my bad. I was under the impression people just needed to make an account. That makes more sense now that it is make an account and make an effort towards becoming a full member. Sorry Fiss!
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    405th ap

    I find the website runs great on my phone Wade The Hammer what is an issue you've experienced with it? Especially now with the notification pushes I don't see what could be different with the forum being an app.
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    DFT ODST w/ a twist build for my son

    If he chooses to pick on them this much then it's love not hate. Elcorio those interior cuts on the raised parts for the over the shoulder straps kill me. I wish I had your foam skills.
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    requesting a little help for a noob

    There's also the model index. Maybe post your request in there and someone might be willing to help.
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    Halo Templates

    Hi Foxcario ! All the information you need is on this site, but it will take some time to break it all down. To start, check out the tutorial index in the Tutorial section. Then read through some threads in the New Recruit section. At anytime check through the Armory to get excited about...
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    Tutorial Index

    Thank you Squishy! I'm not sure what happened, but I fixed it and will keep an eye on it.
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    Canadian Regiment [Delta Battalion] (Courtenay, BC) - CoVaCon 2019

    Yeah, it did go fast. The 15 hours of round trip traveling did not go fast for me though! Your pictures turned out great!
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    Canadian Regiment [Delta Battalion] (Courtenay, BC) - CoVaCon 2019

    Love the photos Rinzlerr ! The first one looks like I'm pointing the gun at the camera which we're not supposed to do, but your gunshot edit looks proper how I'm shooting past the camera. Very nice. Could I ask that you remove the unedited one that looks like I'm pointing the gun at the camera...
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    Item 1: Passes for the Membership

    My boyfriend has serious chrones disease too. I know it makes everything more of a challenge. I do hope you both get to enjoy the weekend!