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    The Offical Happy Birthday Thread!

    *get home, check emails* *Happy Birthday email from 405th* Awww lol. :)
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    Assassins Creed, Malfatto Plague Doctor mask.

    Looks a lot like highlighter fluid to me.
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    "Help!" for: Molding

    You can mold pretty much anything. So yes you can mold a cast, although I don't know why you would. If you already have a cast then you should have a mold.
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    Secret Box found on long night of solace

    Its most likely the skybox.
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    Ezreal glove PDO request

    I gave it a shot, the scaling is a complete guess so you'll probably have to build a few to get it down.
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    Props Reach M9 Frag Grenade Pics

    Great! Now all I need is a picture of the front of the button area.
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    Props Reach M9 Frag Grenade Pics

    Thats the only picture I could find also, I was hoping someone could get some screenshots as I don't have Reach.
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    Props Reach M9 Frag Grenade Pics

    Hey everyone, I haven't been to this forum in a while and decided that I wanted to get back into props. So I looked around for a smallish prop to make and settled on the frag grenade from Reach. The problem however is, I am severely lacking in reference pictures. So if you guys would be so kind...
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    Freakin Hat3Rs!

    Lol, someone needs a hobby.
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    Old Vs. New

    I miss rugrats. :(
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    Beta Testing

    Never mind, I couldn't find my disk.
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    Making Ww2 Replica Weapons-Questions?! That might work. Also: link
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    Odd Weaponry:pics Now In

    This Or a gun the shoots hammers.
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    Hey Model Guys

    That's what this tool is for.