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    Foam Armour?

    Hey guys. I had tried a build a few years ago and failed in a sense... way to much time and now I lost all my plates and I was wondering what is the best way to go about making a foam set? I was thinking of getting the Smooth Pep. files for the plates and then doing a few layers of resin and...
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    Random Gun Pics

    More updates! added lights, stock, and strap! Still no spray paint though :( down the barrel:[attachment=14958:DSCF0377.JPG] on the top:[attachment=14959:DSCF0379.JPG] Without strap+stock:[attachment=14960:DSCF0374.JPG] With strap=scope:[attachment=14961:DSCF0382.JPG] ENJOY!
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    Random Gun Pics

    I've got updates! I still need to install electronics and paint my scope but here it is scope on: [attachment=14899:003.JPG] scope off:[attachment=14900:004.JPG]
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    Random Gun Pics

    Oh! thats what nerf haven is. Yeah I got a semi flat black paint, I just slapped on the first coat. I'll have some new pics up in the next two days of my progress.
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    Random Gun Pics

    I just went out and bought some paint for it yesterday, I was thinking black with white details and dry-bruch on gunmetal as weathering. What do you guys think? And I'm putting an actual scope on and ditching the crappy nerf stock too. :D And just a question. What is "nerf haven?"
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    Random Gun Pics

    A few pics of my nerf recon cs6 mods: enjoy! :D [attachment=14851:009.JPG] [attachment=14852:006.JPG]
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    Introduction/halo Inspired Armor Piece

    That EVA is totally AWSOME i definentley want that armour! Great concepts so far, im looking forward to seeing the pep files :)
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    Lord Farquaad’S Fallout 3 Enclave Power Armor W.i.p.

    Man that armour is so accurate it looks just like you walked out of the game! Congrats on that ;)
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    Grey Primer Quality?

    I dunno really i usually go for matte blck primer myself. Cuz you can use it for details, weathering and burns. just mask what you want to keep. :)
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    (Appleseed) Briareos's Anti-Material Rifle From Ex-Machina

    Looks totally awsome i also want that gun bad! :D
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    Reach Helm?!

    That pep file is pro! Im probably goin to mod my mk vi with an EOD chest so it looks more reachish for the premier of the game :)
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    First Helmet Project

    Ive got pictures! [attachment=14063:DSCF0356.JPG] [attachment=14064:DSCF0354.JPG] [attachment=14065:DSCF0355.JPG] you can see how the resin is pooling in certain areas :( but on the bright side im going to re-resin it and hopefully see some improvment :) also ill try to mold this...
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    First Helmet Project

    Thanks guys i agree winter does suck so ill leave it for a week and check on it then. In the meantime i will try to post more pics of the "sticky" helmet. And i have found out that polyfoam brushes fall apart while resining. lol :p
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    First Helmet Project

    What should i do? I resined the helmet but the resin remained stickey, i guess it was because i didnt add enough hardener to it. i was wondering if i should just paint over it.
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    First Helmet Project

    Thanks guys ive just started to resin it today. Ill probably have more pics up in the next day or so. :D