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    Sexy Spartan Progress

    Alright guys. I have put the third coat of rebound 25 on the mold. I have made a video of me pulling off the mold to show it off; from what you can see. However the next step for the mold is to make a fiberglass resin backer to help it hold its shape. Once we have that completed I will post...
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    Sexy Spartan Progress

    Thanks. We are hoping to get a good reply from the females as well as the guys for their girlfriends/wives.
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    Sexy Spartan Progress

    Thank you. Yeah newspartancreator based the sexy spartan similar to that armor, but we wanted to make it a little different.Sorry there are not pep files for this armor. The backpack is from another member and the chest and butt are custom clay. The other pieces will be as unique as well. We...
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    Sexy Spartan Progress

    Hey guys. Well I have gotten motivated again to work on the female spartan armor.... well more of a push of motivation, but that's ok. I need to finish it for myself as well as for deadlines that were promised. I have made a video of how things are going so far. I am determined to prove to...
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    Papasmurf's Painted W.i.p. Frag Grenade Molded And Painted!

    Nice work. They do look a lot like Link's and Newspartancreator's. Newspartancreator though has and still makes these in resin and foam; depending on what you want. Just wanted to let everyone know. I know you just have to pm him to get details. I am curious to know though when you do make your...
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    Sexy Spartan Progress

    Well gang.... another update is ready. I have gotten another piece of the suit ready to mold. I have pep'd a forearm for the sexy spartan. As far as the rest of the suit: the butt, chest, and backpack we are going to try our best to mold the butt plate in the next few days. One piece at a...
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    Das Brutus' Halo-Ween Pics

    I have to say Brutus that while you may say that you are "somewhat of a big guy" that big guy turned out as an AWESOME ODST!! I think you fit in great and even better than the SWAT guys. Just curious is the other suit yours or was it his? Major KUDOS!!!
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    Femalespartan's Odst / Dare Build

    Don't ever think that you can't do something until you try. I never really thought I could either until I started looking at all the members on here doing it; moreso for me because I am female. I have only done one pepakura so far and that was my hubby ODST backpack. I'm working on another...
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    Odst Backpack- Pepkura Progress

    Sorry I do not know how to send you the files. I know that I personally got the pepakura files and then just searched through the files for the backpack.
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    Odst Backpack- Pepkura Progress

    The file is located in the pepakura files. Thanks. The visor came that way; visor was purchased from another member, Link.
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    What Type Of Glue Is Best With Peakura

    Hi. Welcome to the 405th. AS far as to which is best for glue I think it is really by preference. But personally I prefer to use super glue compared to hot glue. But be sure you go and read the stickies it tells you about pepakura and other details such as glue.
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    How Do I Make An Armor?

    He's right there are ALOT of threads and stickies to help you out. Threads to help you out with resizing as well as threads to help you out when you get ready to resin, fiberglass, and mold. The tutorials are very helpful and easy to understand as well. After you have read and watched the...
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    Alright, This is how it works around here.

    I read this today, while I am still a NOOB, I truly believe that this sticky is very helpful to ALL NOOBS! Being courteous. just plain smart about things, and using some deductive reasoning once in a while - thanks hubby!- can help this forum and its members ALOT! I know there are a lot of...
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    Odst Backpack- Pepkura Progress

    Thanks Link. I was hoping it would turn out good for my first one. Yeah Joe might even think about making it where it's actually usuable later, or more functional atleast. LOL. Thanks Shade. You can always touch one whenever we get around to molding it, haha. :D
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    Odst Backpack- Pepkura Progress

    Well here are a few pics of him wearing it at the midnigh release; some of the pics are fuzzy, but some are of it on the mannequin(very close to Joe's size and stature).Hope these give you a better idea of size. Thanks Brutus. We actually did think it might be a bit big, but in...