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    Hd Battle Rifle

    Realy helpful. I think this is good enough to be a HD File on the Wiki
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    New Guy From North Of The Border.

    Hi Well, to answer your first question, a suit of amour can be made in 4 months, but the quality might come out bad. And to your other question about your height, the is a way to scale pepakura files with pepakura designer(only this will do that) to fit your height. That is why people...
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    Dark's Cqb Helmet

    about your visor... what ive seen done with some amazing results is that people have taken 2 visors, cut one to fit the design as an overlay... and the other would go under, uncut, as the base.
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    Battle Rifle

    the nerf longshot also poses a similarity to the battle rifle, if you are good with bondo and molding its not black though :lol:
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    Spartan Laser Similarity

    I was actually considering building the spartan lazer out the pepakura file on the wiki. But it would be easier to use a base i am sure
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    Armor Progress Forarm, Thigh, And Shin Done!

    That is some good lookin armor, although I must say the chest looks a little small... but thats just my two cents though.
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    My Armor: Odst

    looks good, but i would re-shoot the video, because it is kind of hard to make anything out with the lighting in the shot.
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    Fiberglass Spackling Paste Tutorial

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    I Need Ideas Of What To Make!

    I think you should do the Gravity hammer or a Spartan laser, or do grunt armor, which i have a file for if you need it.
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    Halo Suit For N00bs (pepakura)

    I have to agree. even though i am a noob; the tutorial is definitely missing many aspects of the build, but it covers the big idea though... Nice try
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    Let The Madness Begin, Or My Warthog Build.

    that looks like a very good idea. It would be great to use for any project.
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    Where Can I Buy Fiberglass?

    actually, in a special store in Toronto, I'm not sure were, but there is a place that sells aqua resin, which im told is just as good if not better than fiberglass resin. If you wanna learn more...
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    New Weapon In The Halo Series? Seen On Halo: The Cole Protocol

    I also think it would be cool if someone made pdo files for the armor on the cover too. it has an interesting design to it.
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    Eva Face Shield

    that looks to me more like a visor for the security helmet.
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    Mark Vi 1st And 2nd Attempt

    looking good so far! keep us posted!