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    Help/Advice with character voice acting lines.

    I'm (hopefully) going to do be doing some voice recording for a HL2 map soon, and a while ago found this tutorial. Followed it through and it didn't turn out too bad for a first attempt. It uses Audacity. You could probably play around a bit and make some lines to sound like Locus! I would need...
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    Legendary Wall Trophy (V3)

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    Combat Evolved Grunt Puppet Cosplay

    Finally, this project resumes! I've just dropped off the arm and leg patterns to my seamstress, who will be making a mockup before commiting to the final form. It'll still be a while before I have anything to share, however. I'm not wanting to construct any parts in fear of getting the scale wrong.
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    1st Build ODST build

    I'm interested in trying that, or whatever the Aussie equivilant is. For now though I just cover my inside seams in hot glue.
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    1st Build ODST build

    What stuff are you referring to? Like something on the inside of the armour?
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    1st Build ODST build

    Nice progress so far! If you're having trouble with contact cement, you can use a hair dryer to speed the drying process. Mine only takes about 5 mins to dry enough with one layer (sometimes I can get away with less). Though for seams that have trouble sticking due to forces, I'll add two layers...
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    I simply just use a suitcase. I pack a butt load of bubble wrap, towels and use my clothes to help with padding. Luckily if there's one thing I've been blessed with in life, it's the ability to rearrange things to fit in spaces.
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    1st Build Biskt's Halo Infinite Chief Build

    Looks amazing! What program are you modelling that in? Also, have a look at Armorsmith - it's a program that allows you to create an avatar of yourself based on dimensions and scale parts based on your virtual avatar. You can then export 3d files to print them (or even turn them into papercraft).
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    Considering getting a 3D printer. Any suggestions?

    If you're looking for durability and small details, maybe consider a resin printer (such as the Mars ones). I don't know a lot about them but they can give some REALLY nice detail. The build plate won't be as big though and it'll be more work to deal with runny resin.
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    (Mostly) Recycled Halo Flood Infection Form

    Thanks all! Can't wait to see yours.
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    (Mostly) Recycled Halo Flood Infection Form

    This monstrosity is now done! And a special bonus for the 405th, courtesy of the discord: So this was really meant to be a quick project - I wanted to build something but couldn't order more materials, so I made did with what I had. It spanned out over a much longer time than planned, but...
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    Snowball Halo tank?

    Welcome to the 405th! Since you're wondering about projectiles, check out this thread here. I'm not sure how snowballs fit in (since they're probably not as bad). Might be best to check with site staff.
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    Advice on Which 3D Filament to Use

    Before you go any further: take a look at this thread to see the 405th's view on Airsoft. Very important! I think the biggest thing to consider is, can your printer use ABS? I think most people agree it's the better material (I've never used it though) however you'll need to build an enclosure...
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    (Mostly) Recycled Halo Flood Infection Form

    Prime time! The flood infection form is now ready for paint. It was actually a little scary, I primed it yesterday and within 10 minutes of doing the second side it started pouring. Luckily looks like there's no harm done. I really hope to see some of you tackle this, if you decide to go...
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    Foam helmets

    I typically use 8mm, but if you're looking to add fans and mics, then like Dirtdives said, something thicker is much better. You might also consider internally bracing the helmet so they don't weigh it down and distort it. You could try a wire with a thick diameter, just remember to cover the...