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    Warthog Simulator Build 405th EU

    Sounds cool! I'm interested in the concept art.
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    Baby’s First Foam Build

    Lookin' good! To eliminate seams, I usually use gap filler from a caulking gun (like this) or for bigger gaps, foam clay. You don't have to seal the foam after heat sealing it (such as with Flexbond or Plastidip), but it does help prevent the paint from soaking in. I met someone who only heat...
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    Custom 3d printed RvB heroclix

    Interesting! For your 3D print, I think you can reduce the support density, it looks pretty thick. It may be a pain, but if you split the model, you can also reduce support which means less cleanup later (but also some assembly required). Vrepit Sa!
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    Props The Architecture of Halo - Model Series by ReClaimer8015

    I don't see to many Halo dioramas, so this will be interesting! Approx what scale will it be?
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    Props Halo Sniper Rifle Scope

    If I may interject something about your pricing: 1. Does the print actually use $30 of filament or is that just for one spool? You can estimate filament price by figuring out the cents per gram of your spool, then weighing your print. 2. On the other hand, considering the complexity of the...
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    Props Foam Needler Commission WIP

    Those super clean cuts make me drool. What laser cutter do you use?
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    Props Halo Sniper Rifle Scope

    I was thinking the same thing - a journey full of highs and lows. Don't worry Entity, it'll be worth it in the end!
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    Xtremenoobs - Halo Infinite Build

    WHAT!?! My emails didn't tell me the video was out! Well done man. You can clearly tell every hour put in was worth it. Oh, and QUEENSLANDERS REPRESENT!
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    Baby’s First Foam Build

    I was wondering about that, and I applaud your commitment to making awesome armour in such restricted conditions. Personally, I could never part with my tools and live in a dorm room, but glad to see that you're not gonna let that stop you!
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    Baby’s First Foam Build

    Nice! The structure is coming along very well. I'd reinforce the seams with hot glue if you have enough, as it can never hurt. Oh, and groovy socks! If you don't mind me asking, you say you need to find a spot on campus to use contact cement - does this mean you are building it in a college dorm...
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    This weekend I get to embark on a journey every parent dreams of. I'm turning my daughter into a grunt.

    Aw man, I'm jealous of your improv skills. I was hoping you'd be able to share the patterns you used but... I guess there's an issue with that! She's blessed to have a Dad to make things like this, and you're blessed to have a kid to make this stuff for.
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    Combat Evolved Grunt Puppet Cosplay

    I'm not working too much on this yet because I've got some other projects to wrap up before starting a new big one, but I'm designing and planning in my free time. Which is actually good, because I never spend enough time planning! I have assembled the larger grunt (sadly without moving...
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    Xtremenoobs - Halo Infinite Build

    Oh, you know what the makers like. Jeez man, this is just glorious! All that work really paid off.
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    Regiment membership - please all read

    Sign me up for the Australian Regiment! (Please and thank you)
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    405th Australia: Facebook Group

    I know I'm a little late to the thread, but I'm wondering, where can I enlist to the Australian Regiment? Do I fill out the 2019 questionnaire form? Cheers