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    heya how you doing? Just noticed you joined the forum I dont come on here often,if you need a...

    heya how you doing? Just noticed you joined the forum I dont come on here often,if you need a hand with the suit LMK via facebook or email take care:)
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    Fan Expo Toronto

    ill be there this year, a first in 5 years,
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    Bluerealm - Done With My Armor....

    your passion for this shows in your work..very well suit ive seen
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    You Guys Kow Pete Mander, Right?

    hahaha nice ..I was going to post a thread here about the suit sometime next week but look like the word is out..LOL..still will post some pics and process of the costume..but am cut for time since I have about 10 days to get the main suit done..will do what i can..If not before, will defiantly...
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    Made In Canada

    Ive just recently posted a new link on my site ,,not sure if you've see it or not..hopefully I can pick up the rest of this suit sculpt over the next month:)
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    New Odst Armor Started

    from page one to here...WOW great job...Lots of work! pete
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    Made In Canada

    ill be back in 2-3 weeks with an update heres a size ref picture some folks asked for..see ya soon!
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    Halo Film. Here's One. Let's Make Another

    great job for what you had..LMk if I can help.. Pete
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    Made In Canada

    thanks everyone for the comments. sorry been aways from the site due to Halloween orders currently working on..ill be finishing the suit after i get my other work done. and also thanks for the B day wishes back in august:) Boryenko- Im in ontario close to niagara falls Ill post more process...
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    Made In Canada

    simply put? Im an artist..Im an A$$ that All my costumes are like this even the predators..besides I looked at 3 differnt versions on the halo 3 game, posters, toys kits etc etc..each one is slightly different in some way..kinda like everyone on this forum has their own style?..this...
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    Kindergaten Batman

    Thats cool..good job whoever did this:)
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    Made In Canada

    thanks guys give me a few days and Ill write something up for you in detail. Just busy this next few days on some work.. everything is from SSC the clay I use is just plain potery clay there is no hardness differnce and its cheap , that chavant is over rated...
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    Made In Canada

    hey all.. thought Id post some pictures of the sculpts i did up a while ago..I haven't had time to finish the suit as I am busy with other costumes for Halloween heres what I have so far...I ended up doing a quick job on the other parts to get a suit done for the paintball event just made from...
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    Completed Full Suit List

    hopefully this counts as a complete suit? well kinda?..LOL..Still need to sculpt better arms this was the one off suit fr the game only parts that i had time to do are the chest, legs and hands and some of the undersuit .The rest I carved from foam and will sculpt again later in september to...
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    Props Ar Almost Done.

    thanks joe,,actually i joined here Joined: 16-November 07 You said dibs..LOL :)