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    Pepakura On A Mac

    I did use the search tool. nothing came up. Anyways, I'm sorry. And thanks.
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    Pepakura On A Mac

    Ok, so I happen to have a Macintosh, which won't let me download or upload pep. It really is kind of getting on my nerves. Im not good enough to sculpt something because i am only 14 and don't have that much experience with clay, or building things for that matter. Anyways, if you know how to...
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    Broke My Arm Now With Xrays!

    Well, hey. look to the bright side, you didn't break your elbow joint. But that still gotta suck. I broke my right arm in the same place but not playing football. I was jumping off sum stairs at a party. But I hope it heals up nicely man. ;)
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    Props All Of S1l3nt V1p3r's Weapons.

    Wow. Those are really good. I really like the magnum. (not the one being painted but the other one) Keep it up man. :lol:
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    My Hyabusa Helm.

    Yeah, I feel ya dog. ;) I'm pretty much gunna follow Link in his Hyabusa quest. But a little different. :lol:
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    My Hyabusa Helm.

    It's a work in progress. :p I'm working on them.
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    Bye "Zenny". Alot of people told me that its nerdy also. I just ignor them because they aren't my friend. But if they want to not be your friends because of this, then they really aren't your friends. Friends should support you with every decision you make.(except drugs) I'll miss you man.
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    Lol Halo Effects Videos

    Those were hilarious!!! The sniper looked awesome.
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    Sexy Halo Armor...

    That looks good so far i think. :D Keep it up. :lol:
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    My Busa

    Wow. That looks really good Link. I hope mine is as good as yours.
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    Paradoxdj's Helm

    Wow. That is really good. So your not Going to sand or smooth it?
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    My Hyabusa Helm.

    You are correct. I'm fixing it and should have some new pics up momentarily. ;) By momentarily, I mean within the next few days. I just have one question, Should I add the top spikes or not? I got new pics!!! :D :p But I can't work on it till I get more clay. :mad:
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    My Hyabusa Helm.

    So I know its a little per-mature but hey, here you go.
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    My Hyabusa Helm.

    Almost got some. I'll have them up in about three days. Your pep is looking nice by the way Spartan 051.
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    The Forerunners And The Humans

    Woah thats weird.