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  • Nice work, and ty for the info, i hope see more of your proyect soon, dont worry ill try to be more understandable :p

    i got a question, how tight the gaunlets are suppose to be to the arm ?
    Hmmm, well I was going to attempt casting it in thin, stiff aluminum, so idk if I'll be done with that, since I've got some experimenting to do still... 75% chance I probably won't make the deadline :( But I'll definitely try! Ty for the heads up!
    Hey! nice to meet you. you really do nice work, i'll be looking forward to more pics of your projects :)
    Excellent! Glad to provide you with information about what's sure to be a fun time at SF on the Rock.

    I'm looking forward to advancing my new project, maybe we'll be done about the same time!
    Hi PmsProxy! I've been to the rock several times and had a good time each trip. Have you made it to the "Sci-Fi on the Rock" convention? I hear it's a blast.

    I attended the convention in Halifax last weekend (Hal-Con) it was awesome. Thanks for the compliments on the suit. It's low-def but I learned a lot making it and it was a hit at the con. I have already started work on a high-def version.

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Female! I am 5'8'' have medium lenght dark brown hair and green eyes. I twin brother named Kyle!

Drawing, Building things, Xbox 360( MW2,halo 3 ext) and Making Halo armour :3
Jun 24, 1993 (Age: 31)
Canadian Forces.