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    Halo 4 Helmet Blue Prints

    It looks like all of the lines direct to the middle of the face. This doesn't seem wise
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    My Hayabusa so far ^^

    forearm looks good to me, and that's about how I measure the bicep
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    How to: my ncr chest piece (under armor idea too!)

    that's some pretty impressive battle damage
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    Help stop SOPA

    Last I heard, the vote is to be on the 24th. Obama has released a statement that sounded like he would veto the bill. but He stopped short of saying spicificly saying that he would veto the bill itself. But I would like to remind the president that this is a election year.
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    Live action prop help

    Try ebay, it'll be cheaper
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    Who's else is loving Halo Anniversary??

    I haven't played much, my roommate has skyrim :( the graphics in that game are far too beautiful to ask anybody to stop. But the chance I did get to play I loved the grunt funeral skull. (hehe, they asplode, hehe)
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    Is it better to make a suit of armour then buy one in terms of value

    I think asking on this site will fetch you a bias answer, but there are certain advantages to making your own armor that I'll say out weigh the frustrations. Besides that I haven't seen any decent suits that cost less than several hundred dollars, and while your likely to spend that in the long...
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    braggkid9's very first project

    like a wip without pics? I wouldn't be surprised to see this locked here pretty soon, especially if you don't plan on doing any major updates for weeks. But I do wish you luck, I have had the weapon files for a while now and I have always been intimidated by the complexity of the build.
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    First Build: Fallout 3 T45-D Power Armor

    story of my life my friend
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    Emile helmet question.

    there is another option. It is possible that the "visor" isn't really a visor and the inside of his helmet is actually a screen. That would explain some other things that Spartans can do in their helmets. IE: HUD and Zoom and use the scope with out lifting their weapon
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    Your favorite saying in Halo:Reach

    I was going for the the "keep it clean" achievement (kill seven Moa on winter contingency) and Noble team was giving some rather disturbing encouragement. I meleed one and Kat said: "that's right show no mercy." sprayed another two with the ar Emile (I think) said: "Yeah kill them all!"
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    Master Chief at a Star Trek convention

    I love the decal
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    halo 3 opinion review

    its a bit early for the five year anniversary, I didn't even consider that (wish i did though) this is just the first video in my review series. This was just one of the relevant places to put a link. I would appreciate any feed back, perhaps I could make a follow up video to this one.
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    halo 3 opinion review

    before you ask yes this is just a sad attempt for more views on my latest youtube video basically I think that halo is a pretty fun game in general, I just think the lack of variation gets boring after a while. its still a great game
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    Sooth cast experiment

    sadly no, but I wasn't really doing these pieces for any particular suit it was just an experiment to see if it lived up to what I've read. for the whole suit? It took a total of three fulls to finish a Mark VI helmet. Although I did loose a lot of product by not sealing the holes in the...