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  • No problem man glad i can help! also it is super easy to use Rondo in a helmet cause all you have to do is pour it in and slush it around till it hardens on you or you run out of extra rondo to slush around! Also you can brush it on but its a little harder to do and you have to make sure it doesn't harden on you before you use up your batch.
    Hey, you can rondo all your pieces if you want...it is heavier than the fiberglass but it is a lot quicker to put on. If you do not have a time schedule i would recommend doing a small layer of fiberglass first then rondo over that.

    Also don't forget to resin the outside and inside of the pep before doing the fiberglass or rondo.

    Thanks for the compliment and i cant wait to finish!
    yeah the user passwords changed with the new server move, if you check the email you used with that account youll get ur new password and you can chage it.
    Thanks man, i Was a member since last year. But for some reason i couldn't log in with my old account so i made a new one..
    welcome to the forums. and i just noticed that there are some phillipinos joining the site now. including meh.:p
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