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    finally got money to start my armor

    ahh :( well what do i need to start? i already read everything so i know what to get and stuff and how to do it but i dont know how much clay i need for the helmet:*(
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    finally got money to start my armor

    so im ganna start my helmet...since well thats the single most epic part :p so can some form a "shopping list" for me?
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    Chief Raids Starbucks and More!

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    VIDEO: my armor in action at a Saints game (updated with 2nd video)

    LMAO i love thoughs 2 old peoples expressions when they walked by you. they were like WTH
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    Project Cloverfield

    ganna see this on my birthday :D (1 day after its realesed)
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    Early Halo

    steve must really hate bungie now :D
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    Scout Helmet Begins

    NICE! i cant wait to see this one come out its ganna be sweet
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    avatar i made

    i made this avatar and was wondering what ya think for my first ?
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    pep paper

    o ok thanx :D ill check some of the stickies out also
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    pep paper

    when you make a pep helmet out of paper what kind of paper does it have to be? can it just be regular printer paper? and im talking about will it be good when you res it or will it not work?
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    We need a slogan

    405th-“The quicker covenant picker-upper.”
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    Any local 405th'ers???

    nope missoula montana but i guess im sorta your neighbor :p
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    favorite line from halo

    at the end of the second game were that guy says- "master chief do mind telling me why your on that ship?" then the chief says "Sir, Finishing this fight!"
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    Halo 40k?!

    wow thats sweet i would get it but...
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    Spartan gets kicked out of Target

    o wow is that game ful good cause i havent tried it yet btw i book marked that video to show my brother later it was hillarouse :lol: