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  • hey prop, I was looking at your haunted helmet and I saw the lines on the visor, i just installed my visor in yesterday. How did you do it?
    Wow you have a lot of amazing freaking work...I especially love your Labyrinth worm, so nostalgic..:D Wish I could add you on FB but I deleted it. Awesome work man!! I love your threads!
    Hello. I just wanted to say that your security helmet looks amazing! I know it's a few years old the thread and it's now closed so i figured i'd just drop you a message about it. It's a really cool looking helm with the huge visor it reminds me of a jet fighters helmet. Awesome work :)
    hey can you give me tips on how you did the foam padding inside the Jorge armor??? im wanting to use that method on a custom armor i am making? Thanks so much!!!!
    Would you be able to make a Baird suit for me? If so, how much would I have to pay for something like that?
    Been looking at your Full Jorge Armor build. I gota say your painting skills are unbelievable. I bet if I were to look at the character all your nicks and scratches would be spot on. Ridiculous!!!
    Hey there, just joined the 405th forums and was just wanting to get in touch with some active members in the KC area.
    Hello Propcustomz

    Your Jorge build is AWESOME.........

    I cant find AceHigh's halo reach cod piece anywhere, do you know were i can get it? or can you send it to me?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Please and Thanks.
    Hey man i see that your in the Kansas City area, im kinda in the area and was curious if you have a local place you get your supplies from?
    Could you send me the Jorge files?
    I would appreciate it a TON
    I really need it
    Thank you!

    my e-mail ↓
    ahah yeah.. life does tend to get in the way a bit.. im getting bagged down with my studying and i really just want to continue with my armour.. but im getting better at modelling now :D
    im totally saving for some rebound 25 to start molding though, its really expensive out here in australia. the smooth on 320 is a reasonable price.. even dragonskin is damn expensive.. :(
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