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    Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

    Wow! Just like everyone else, I'm amazed at the work that you've been doing! That's really too bad about the distortions due to the pulls. For the programming of the LEDs, did you end up programming that sequence in arduino? if not, what code was used to drive that? Good luck with the...
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    Adding Weight To A Closed Pep Ar

    I was doing so well too! Stupid cold fronts coming in and dropping the temperature by 15 degrees overnight! That blueprint pretty dang awesome... I've got a whole whack of cardboard at home thanks to a recent move...And plus now that I have all of this extra time :eek before next Halloween...
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    Adding Weight To A Closed Pep Ar

    Hi everyone... I've been working on a few Halloween costumes (both Daft Punk helmets, and a CQB suit) but have run into a problem. It's too cold! That's right, my plans have been foiled by a cold snap and I've been stopped in my tracks. No resin/bondo work for me until it warms up. So...
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    What Is Used To Make This On Helmets

    Just as a side note in case anyone else is looking for that kind of tubing... You can probably find it at Home Depot or most larger hardware stores. The hardest part is trying to find what department they're hiding it in!
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    I don't know if that's the one he's looking for, but that's exactly the one I've been trying to find. I've made a medium detail forearm pep as found on the halo costuming wiki. I wasn't too happy with it, but used it due to lack of options. Thanks!
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    Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

    You sir are an inspiration to all of the Daft Punk helmet builders! Here I was thinking that my pepakura version was coming along nicely until I saw yours. The biggest obstacle I think anyone has with the Guy helmet is the visor... but you've overcome that with flying colours. Much like...
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    A Question Regarding Size Testers On The Pep File Index

    That actually works out to a very similar number to what I got. I figure that I'll double and triple check just to be sure. I've read through your tutorial before, I have to say that I find it a little more helpful than the 'official' scaling thread as it requires you to use a specific pep...
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    A Question Regarding Size Testers On The Pep File Index

    Hi everyone, Psylent777 here (Introduction can be found here if you're interested). I've got a question regarding the high detail size tester that's on the pep file index. I've been working on making some Mark VI armour, and I've finished pepping everything but the helmet and the chest...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Kevin Age: 25 Profession: Front-end developer... AKA: Web guy. Favorite Hobby: Playing bass (been playing since gr. 3), books, creating seamless electro mixes. Favorite Video: Love? by Strapping Young Lad... C'mon, a homage to Evil Dead? How awesome is that? Other Interest: Chilling...
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    Fallout Armor Pep Files + References

    *Bump* Is there any chance that someone could repost a link to the Enclave helmet? All of the previous links have gone dead. Thanks!