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    Who's used Testor's Metalizer?

    Nah, it was 3d-printed. Sanded down and washed and everything.
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    Who's used Testor's Metalizer?

    I grabbed some of the buffing stuff for a Mass effect pistol. The stuff for an airbrush. It uhh, isn't sticking to the gun so hot. It's veeeery delicate. Like comes off just from skin contact, even after sealing it with the special metalizer sealer. Does anyone else experience the same thing...
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    The Xbox One. Opinions? Worth buying???

    I mean, I probably will. But after the whole DRM policies...I'm watching you...
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    People who know electronics

    Okay, thanks. I know you're all fancyfance with all of these doodads. Just a question, will the blue LED's be powerful enough to evenly light...say...a glass bottle filled with tonic water?
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    People who know electronics

    Do I have to worry about anything related to wattage or voltage needed or anything like that?
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    Continuity: A thing of the past? (halo 4 and more)

    Not to mention the fact that Master Chief grew about a foot in the final cutscene as opposed to other parts of the game. The fact that most helmets in multiplayer are literally impossible for a human to see out of. I hate Spartan-IV's. They're just ODST's in fancy armor. And (just going by...
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    People who know electronics

    I have never worked with electronics, and basically, I want to know if it's possible, with my lack of knowledge and skill, if I can take this And replace the LED's with blacklights.
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    Halo 4 Discussion Thread

    But they were explained fully in Halo 3.
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    Evangelion EVA Unit 01 foam build

    Well don't I look stupid? Is there any way you can modify the pepakura files a bit? That's what I'm doing for Gundam. I have an 18 inch(that's ridiculously detailed) model file that I'm blowing up to fit me, then just modifying a few bits and bobs to make it a suit.
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    Evangelion EVA Unit 01 foam build

    Yeah, he's a bit vague, but through different videos, you can piece it together. It's how I'm eventually going to be doing a gundam suit. It's a basic piece in there, but later in the video(and the thumbnail), he shows what you can do with it, and it really is impressive.
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    Kid Wannabe, claims he owns a few suits...from us.

    Well whadda ya know, the crappy bro fist screenshot is mine too. Well, at least someone liked it.
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    Evangelion EVA Unit 01 foam build

    I've got a guy who does Gundam and EVA units for cosplay. He has a very good method for doing it, if you want to take a look.
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    Marcus Fenix Style COG Armor WIP (Pic Heavy)

    I'm jealous. I've wanted a COG build for over a year, but I can't get started due to the fact that I possess no artistic talent and can't make patterns like that on the fly. Hope to see this thing looking all spiffy.
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    Gears of War Cleaver build

    You know you can buy one of these for like, $30-$40, right?