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    FFA series number 14: M73 LMG

    I have the file here. I hope there are no objections from others.
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    *The Official* Halo Reach Pepakura Files Thread

    Here you go: Final Carter Helmet with Attachment by Ruze789
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    File it under Crimmson

    *raises hand*
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    Centurion Build

    That's one heck of a steal! My neighborhood Shop-Rite grocery store has the Linda and Helioskrill action figures and they go for $20 each. A bit too much for my wallet.
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    Help Please

    Yep, the same exact one. I used WinRAR instead of 7-Zip and it worked for me.
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    Help Please

    I just downloaded this and I've been able to open the files inside the zip file with PD.
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    Help! - Does anyone know how to turn pdo files into pdf files?

    It's just a matter of adjusting the transparency of the lines. Go to Settings --> Print and Paper Settings and move the transparency slider to 0%. For the edge numbers, go to 2D Menu and click on Show Edge ID.
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    Card Stock thickness

    Stick with #110. This is more than sufficient for making armor pieces. Besides, most printers can handle this weight. Heavier weights require that you feed them to the printer differently, depending on your printer, which can be time-consuming.
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    [ANNOUNCEMENT] Pepakura 4 Issues

    Nothing. I clicked on the zip file, chose where to put the extracted folder, WinRAR flashed the error messages but extracted the folder anyway. Only one file turned out bad or unrecognizable by any program.
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    [ANNOUNCEMENT] Pepakura 4 Issues

    I used WinRAR. I simply ignored the error messages and went to the extracted folder. BTW, I have a PC laptop.
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    [ANNOUNCEMENT] Pepakura 4 Issues

    I fiddled around the zip file and here's a few things I found: I was able to open the file and extract the folder despite the syntax error messages. All but one of the pdo file can be opened. It's the foam file that is bad. The foam file probably came originally from the site...
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    Printing files problem

    The latest version of PD4 (4.0.1) should be able to handle all pdo files, including PD2. Since you mentioned that you're having issues printing the lines, go to Setting --> Print and Paper Settings and move the slider to 0% transparency. This should resolve your printing issues.
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    Pepakura Files from Archive Not Opening in Pepakura D4

    The latest version of PD4 (4.0.1) fixed this problem.
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    Incomplete Pepakura?

    Some parts are just too small to be used in foam like ridges and grooves or are already repeated elsewhere. If you zoom out the 2D development side, you'll be able to find those "missing" pieces.
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    [ANNOUNCEMENT] Pepakura 4 Issues

    The latest update of PD4 (ver. 4.0.1) can now open PD3, as well as PD2, files.I just tried it a couple of minutes ago.