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    Heck, I live here in GA. I will definitely be attending Dragon Con. I hope to see the rest of the 405th there. Oh yeah, the three hotels hosting the event are booked. Arrrgggghhh. There are plenty of other nice hotels in the ATL. As for the armour, go all the way with a full suit. I would...
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    Armor Decal / Patch Thread

    Here is my sticker I made for my shoulder. However, I had to take the gold leaf out.
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    Masterchief not in halo movie

    Here is another canidate for the roll of Cortana. Kate Beckinsale - The hottie vampiress from the movie the Underworld. Her or Skullcandy. :cool:
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    Masterchief not in halo movie

    :lol: That made me laugh. Good one. I think I would be a good MC. Uh but, I am not 7' tall. :cool:
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    Masterchief not in halo movie

    Time for a poll? o_O Two actors for the H movie who come to mind are Vin Diesel and the hottie that played Trinity in the Matrix.
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    Masterchief not in halo movie

    After reading the books and being addicted to the games for your years, it would be great if the had three movies that follow the books, and three more movies that go to the end of the game. Heck, Lucas did it and is still making big bucks off of the Star Wars series. PLEASE FOR PETESAKES NO...
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    Masterchief not in halo movie

    Makes sense not to have the Chief as the main character. I hope they go by the books vs. the game. Looks like the main character could be significant hurtle for the movie. Maybe the Doc, Sarge, Cortona, Keyes,......hum o_O :unsure:
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    Airsoft or Paintball?

    Oh yeah, the A-5 I am selling has a collapsable stock, an extra stock trigger, and parts kit. In addition, the ION has a locking feed neck and comes with a HALO B hopper. For $400.00 you can't beat it. Go with Marui for the AS. I have both a CA and Marui. I think the Marui's are more...
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    Airsoft or Paintball?

    I play both. Airsoft costs more up front for a good gun. Stay away from the mass merchant guns. Check out Georgia Airsoft. Paintball is more of a adrenaline rush for me. If you are interested, I have an A-5 with 4 barrels (Apex, J&J ceramic, stock, and Warpig), 4 hoppers (stock, 100 rd ops...
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    How to mount the visor in the helmet?

    High temp hot glue on the inside. Then clear silicon calk on the out side.
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    Xbox live problem (BEEN HAPPENING SINCE JUNE)

    THANKS - Bill Gazillionaire. :unsure: :wink: :eek:
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    Smoking Habits

    Do a web search on lung cancer pictures and show them that is what they are doing to you with their second hand smoke. If that does not send them a message, get them to at least smoke out doors. Or, you could get some of those exploding sticks that go in cigars and cigs. That should scare the...
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    Skullcandy Girl's Armor Progress

    That pep stuff looks way hard. You must have some serious patience. It looks like your suit is coming along very good. My card board Rocket Launcher has stalled. I plan to start back on it in Feb. Hopefully, it will warm up a little so I can get back out to my studio (aka shop with out...
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    Visor Cam?

    Check out Jones Cam. I have had for awhile filming mountain bike rides, paintball and airsoft gun cam rig.