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    Gears Armor

    really impressive work here man... hope my armour is as good as this. Thanks for sharing man looks awesome...
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    Cog Armor

    Hi guys Just thought I'd show you guys my pepped Fenix chest plate... have a master chief costume going for a mate this one is all for me though :)
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    Cog Armor

    hey man lets see it in the light that looks sweet....
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    Battlestar Galactica - Daybreak

    Yep simply the best written show ever... I simply couldn't believe it when Dee shot herself... A VERY powerful moment for some reason always considered her one of the safe characters... Wrong (again) Ellen???? not sure about that but very interesting idea. Starbuck WTF!?!?!?!?!?! seriously...
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    Problem With Mark Vi High Detail Helmet

    i have to agree that while it will cut your time when you get to bondo etc you can easily fix little issues like these with a dremmel and a bit of filler :)
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    Check My Suit! Finished!

    Awesome all that needs to be said cannot wait to see the whole suit on. But that is impressive, hope mine is half that good when I finish it!
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    Starting My Master Chief Armor!

    A few new pics as promised.... All fiberglassed and we will be doing bondo this week really pleased with progress so foar its my first attempt at any thing like this really appreciate any help or suggestions to get this looking top notch :) Let the resin settle in the front of the mouth piece...
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    Starting My Master Chief Armor!

    Just looking for some input guys so far we have pep'd and have painted the resin and about half of it is fiberglassed... just looking for some input guys. I'll post more pics soon as will be finishing fiberglass on sunday.