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    Reach Spartan Helmet Nvg/rangefinder Attachment Build

    Yeah, I gotta say that is one great looking scratch build.
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    Starting The Mkiii

    No matter the speed progress is progress. Keep it up, I can't wait to see it along the way!! Plus I like the scaling. Seems a good fit.
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    Another Iron Man Fanatic!

    There is a way to build metal armor. I have been issues finding it again but someone on here built a very nice set out of 22 gauge steel sheets if I remember correctly. Between tin snips, a lot of hammering, and welding it together. As far as Pep goes make sure to read all the stickies at the...
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    Pepakura Requests

    Item Name Individual armor pieces Master Chief MkVI Item Source Halo 3 Reference Images Additional Info I have been looking for just a high res 3d Model of each piece but I can't seem to find one.
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    Movie Accurate Iron Man Mk 3, Mk 6 Helmet And Armor Build

    Quite an amazing helmet my friend. And I too am excited to see the hinge design.
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    Hell's Reach Build

    Yeah that little bit of neck warp should be a pretty straight forward fix. Just make sure to resin in Sections. But it does look very clean!! keep it up!!
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    Halo Reach Minitage

    I wish I had Beta. I always love a new Reach vid. Thanks for the post!!
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    My Helmet's Been Recasted And I Need Your Help

    Consider it done my friend. It's too bad people sink this low. I asked and reported. Hope this helps. If you ever need anything else please feel free to let me know.
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    Get-Together With Ithica This Summer

    I could prolly come. Sounds like it would be a blast....haha although I'm pretty sure you have no idea who I am.
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    Reach Wip

    That helmet came out amazing. The new pieces are looking good too man. I love it.
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    Let The Madness Begin, Or My Warthog Build.

    What an EPIC build man. I love this. Keep it up!
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    Acenat, Mark Vi Suit... Looking Awesome!

    Wow your build is looking amazing! Cant wait to see the progress.
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    Leekegan Halo Reach Sniper

    So....has the line started for bowing to the awesomeness yet?
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    Soft Parts Help With Making A Golem

    Furniture foam maybe? You can usually get it at an upholstery store. It is used to stuff couches and whatnot. Comes in pretty thick pieces. dunno pricing though.
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    Aliens Pulse Rifle

    looking good man! keep it up. :cool