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    Rebostar's Ironman Wip

    Yes I filled in the orignal groove in way back when I first started the chest. I used a suitable sized plastic drinks cup and scribed the lines where I wanted them and held my breath while I dremelled them out. Here is a better front view which I think I forgot to post here a while back...
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    Rebostar's Ironman Wip

    I little update just to keep this thread breathing. I had my 6'1" hippy of a son model for me. [attachment=16679:Hippylad.jpg] [attachment=16680:Tinman.jpg] This next one looks bad, but I do a section then move on then do a final complete tidy up. Woohoo nearly the weekend...
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    Finheads Ironman Build - Prototype Hing With Chin Movement P.10

    I just have to say that I really am enjoying watching the progress you are making and the fact that you are remaining so grounded and helpful. Top job. :Thumbsup
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    Rebostar's Ironman Wip

    Naa, it won't be 3mths as the weather here has just started to pick up, the wife will be a weekend widow from now on though :). I am aiming for the whole suit,fingers crossed and they are just sunglasses in place for now.
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    Iron Man Faceplate Hinge

    Now thats a lot simpler than I was expecting, thank you for sharing Juice.
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    Rebostar's Ironman Wip

    Well it's been a while, I haven't really had a chance to work on my build until this week. I pepped fiberglassed and started to bodyfill the chest in the last few days, sadly I am back at work again tomorrow, just as I was getting in the zone aswell. I'll post a couple of pictures in a...
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    Dancin_Fool's 3D Model Thread

    I don't know, tut tut, turn your back for 5 minutes round here and all these amazing builds pop up from no where. It's all your fault DF!. Keep the amazing work up, as once I finish this other project I am working on and get back to Ironman I want a whole suit to build, Whip crack****...
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    Timecon's Ironman Thread

    That really works Timecon, really out there, in a good way. Was there any inspiration for this build or was you just doodling?. Either way it worked out a treat.
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    Dancin_Fool's 3D Model Thread

    I finished pepping the back of the torso last night and was just about to print out the neck and front when I noticed the scaling. The back is scaled to 1.404193, where as the neck and chest is scaled to 1.525000. Do I leave them at that, or do I change the scale to the same as the back, the...
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    Another Ironman Project

    I am so depressed right now, lol. That looks absolutely stunning mate!! When I saw that you had glassed the outside in the first few pictures I was like nooooooooo, scrolled down a few more and my jaw hit the floor.
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    I Need Help.i Tried Putting This In The Proper Area But Since I'm New...

    Lol... I will say you are brave posting a request like that to a forum of mostly red blooded males. Good luck with the costume.
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    Bob's Iron Man

    Great update Bob, keep at at!!.:)
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    Iron Man Files High And Medium Def.

    Oooooh, I thought they were on about, well you you know what I thought. I get easily confused at my age. :unsure
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    Iron Man Files High And Medium Def.

    I made the low-def calf and had no problem with fitting, I can't see other def's being much different.
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    New Iron Man Pep

    Downloaded now because I am a tight-assed, penny pinching miser. I love your work though. :)