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    Props L3X's Sliced Weapon Pep Files (New Sliced Spiker)

    Do you have a sliced BR file?
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    halo 3a recon helmet prototype

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    reach recon

    well yesturday i finished my reach recon in the pep stage and i will be posting pictures of my halo3 recon helmet. i am thinking that the halo 3 helmet will be a prototype and i will be ordering some smoo0th on casting ruber when i have the money and then ill make a cast for the reach recon...
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    halo 3 recon helmet prototype

    and i was wondering how post pictures of it on the forum
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    halo 3 recon helmet prototype

    i have almost finished my halo 3 recon helmet all that is left is to install the visor but i dont think i will because i have just started a halo reach recon helmet and that is about half way done the pep stage.:D
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    Mjolnir [R], Mk. V "RECON" Project

    nice it looks good so far
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    Is recasting using some else pepakura file and then creating a cast for it count as recasting
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    Need Desperate help!

    look in the noob form
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    thanks for the sujuestions and good luck with your iron man suit
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    405th for ipodtouch

    ya some one should
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    thanks tim2206 i am making a recon helmet right now i am about half way done the pepakura stage of puttuing it together
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    Introduce Yourself

    its not halo 1 its halo CE