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  • Hey Red. Glad to hear from you! I hope this message finds you well. P.s. I saw pictures of you at your university and I gotta say, it looks like you're the top dog when it comes to Halo there. NICE!
    What's up, red?

    I went to Malaysia a few months ago for a port visit, and it was as beautiful as it was the last time I'd been there (10 years ago...). Port Klang was a bit dirty, though.

    After that, my ship floated off to Bahrain and Dubai. Dubai reminds me of Malaysia, except it's sandy and not green.

    I'm bored out of my mind right now because I'm stuck in a ship with no means of doing any sculpting. I could draw...but...eh. Sculpting is more fun. ):
    hey red, whats going on bro?

    hey i need a favor, could you please go to my ODST armor thread and bump it. its getting no love and that means that noone is seeing my status and iv already posted four times in a row.

    i would do it but i dont want to get in trouble for uber over posting.

    Thanks red.

    I used 240gsm cardstock. It's not common, but I don't think Singapore has none! The brand I use here is Campap. Might want to go to a stationery shop and check it out.
    Hey red-109 im here just to tell you what cardstock you buy, also at where you buy those cardstock from? cause Singapore don't have one.....i need help....thxs
    Dude, I forgot to ask, did you attend the 'Malaysian International Toy Fair' the one Bunkface performed at, cuz I saw a guy in a Mandolorian suit, it could've been you.
    Dude, thank you very much for telling me about Multifilla, I got the resin, my brother got some resin too and my mom fell in love with the shop.
    Finally!! Oh btw, I am goin to scratch build the Stomach plates, belt, shins and forearms!! Going to Multifilla this weekend.
    Just to make it more Spartan official, I wanna use the helmet padding.

    ahem*Spoiler*ahem.....I started on my ahem Emile build ahem.....*spoiler*
    Oh, and I just remembered, you said your were a biker back in the days so I'm pretty sure you know the answer to this. Where can you find helmet padding?
    230 should work just fine. I think we can go as low as 200. I'll post some pics when there's some significant development! XD
    I'm using 230gsm.....post some pics!! Oh and I got the hip plates and thigh plates done, pics will be up soon.
    I ask Multifilla, they said they sell Polyester resin and AceNat used it on some pieces so that would not be a problem. What Cardstock are you using, I see yours is yellow inside? It seems harder.
    Simen Kereta, known as Car Cement also known as Body Filler, how much was the dolphin brand pack?.
    And almost forgot....Selamat Hari Raya!! Well, better late than ever ,right.
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